AIDS Comments Provoke 'Attacks' Pie-ing a Belgian Archbishop with Carefree Abandon

The leader of the Roman Catholic Church in Belgium has been repeatedly targeted by pie-throwing activists angry over comments he made about gay people. Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard reportedly claimed AIDS was an "intrinsic justice" for homosexuals.


Activists have targeted a Roman Catholic Archbishop in Belgium with a pie to the face -- again, again, again and again. Andre-Joseph Leonard has repeatedly been on the end of the pie-ing, a comedy staple, after he made comments claiming AIDS was "a sort of intrinsic justice" for gay people.

A prankster named "the Glooper" posted clips online showing the leader of the Catholic Church in Belgium getting hit in the face by custard pies four times while speaking at the Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve near Brussels Tuesday.

"The Glooper" is also said to have dished out a pie-ing to French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Microsoft founder Bill Gates in the past.

This time around, Leonard was targeted over his comments on gay people -- which included comparing homosexuality to an eating disorder. He was quoted as saying: "Homosexuality is not the same as normal sex in the same way that anorexia is not a normal appetite."

One of the activists who carried out the pie-ing said: "For all those homosexuals who daren't tell their parents they are gay, for all those young girls who want to have an abortion, he absolutely deserved it."

But there was also plenty of support for Archbishop Leonard, with messages of sympathy and encouragement on his official Facebook page Thursday. Whether the activists plan to continue their pie-based onslaught, however, is unknown.

mdm -- with wire reports

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