“They Were Beating Me Like Crazy” Video Documents Illegal Refugee Pushbacks in Croatia

For years, asylum-seekers have been claiming abuse at the hands of Croatian border police, with some reporting beatings, electric shocks and even having their toenails torn out. For the first time, videos in combination with reporting by DER SPIEGEL have confirmed some of these reports.
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Ibrahim after the pushback operation: "I have never been so scared in my life."

Foto: No Name Kitchen

Ibrahim during his interview with DER SPIEGEL: "They were beating me like crazy."

Foto: Nicole Vögele
Instead of being given a hearing, asylum-seekers are beaten.
Icon: Spiegel
Icon: Spiegel

Masked men on the Croatian side of the border: Homemade weapons and migrant beatings (Video: DER SPIEGEL/No Name Kitchen)

"It looked like someone had stuck an iron bar into a fire and then hit him with it."

Resident Milo Gujić

“In light of these terrible images, the EU should act immediately."

Lawyer Hanaa Hakiki