Illegal Practices EU Border Agency Frontex Complicit in Greek Refugee Pushback Campaign

Greek border guards have been forcing large numbers of refugees back to sea in pushback operations that violate international law. DER SPIEGEL and its reporting partners have learned that the European Union is also complicit in the highly controversial practice.
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A Frontex ship in the Agean Sea (Excerpt from a Turkish coast guard video.)

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"If (Frontex) don’t do that and even make waves instead, only to drive away and let the Greeks do the dirty work, then they are still involved in the illegal pushback.”

Dana Schmalz, international law expert

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Frontex in the Agean Sea: It has been reported that Europe's border agency has been helping to block refugees rather than helping to rescue them. (Excerpted from a Turkish coast guard video.)

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Greek border guards: Locals have a name for the cynical game officials are playing here. They call it "Greek water polo." (Excerpt from a Turkish coast guard video.)