Hitler-Stalin Pact? Hungary Warns of German EU Leadership

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told diplomats on Tuesday that closer ties between a Germany-led EU and Russia were enough to make people check to see if their "children are still in the yard" -- an oblique yet unmistakeable reference to the Hitler-Stalin pact.

No stranger to controversy: Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

No stranger to controversy: Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

The latest remarks by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán are unlikely to improve his fractured relations with Germany or the EU. Speaking on Tuesday, he invoked the memory of World War II to warn against German leadership of the European Union.

"When a person reads about a rapprochement between Russia and an EU led by Germany, he looks out to see whether his children are still in the yard," Orbán said on Tuesday in remarks to an annual meeting of Hungarian ambassadors, according to the German news agency DPA.

Orbán made the comment in answer to a question by one diplomat about relations between the EU and Russia.

Many people in Central and Eastern Europe are wary of any signs of closer ties between Moscow and Berlin because they remember the Hitler-Stalin non-aggression pact which carved up much of Eastern Europe into German and Soviet spheres of influence.

Orbán has drawn widespread international criticism for weakening Hungary's democratic institutions through the introduction of a new constitution and a host of other controversial laws.

In May, Orbán had made a remark about Nazi tanks in the context of Germany's policy towards Hungary, drawing an unusually sharp rebuke from German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle.

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yiannaki 07/17/2013
1. Hungary.
A new Albania is emerging here.
Babeouf 07/17/2013
2. Hungary
This is just silly. Should the EU seek a rapprochement with Russia? absolutely. Do I care ,as an Englishman, about German hegemony in Europe. Only to the extent that European austerity remains the economic order of the day. And so long as German hegemony isn't just another name for US hegemony. Which it is at the moment since German governments still act as if they were an occupied power. They still l accept US hegemony in European affairs.
gberkovit 07/17/2013
3. optional
Problem is that the Brussels tries to pretend to be the Roman Empire. In the meantime without German taxpayers financing the whole thing would collapse. Eventually, the vulgar disgusting meddling in some countries soverignity will produce results but in Brussels will not be happy. With money for a while they can buy obidience from failing countries, only for a while.
my2029 07/17/2013
4. hegemonyism
Please explain who is running the EU. Then explain who is running Russia. Then divide by Hungary.
Jacobsong 07/18/2013
5. Hungary is not the meat in a Berlin/Moscow Sandwich
Germans have more to fear from a mutual Orban/Putin secret treaty to invade Germany from the East if things don't work out. Orban is playing fast and dirty with his real ambition to broker a new neo-conservative Soviet Empire that sees the rest of the European Confederacy collapsing when Germany can't stand alone against the military intrigue that Orban is brokering. Americans as usual will be asleep at the switch and waffle at a defensive alliance with Germany. Hungarian Capitalism is incapable of stabilizing Orban's weird ambitions and leveling off the expectations of the Hungarian People for a productive economy. It's as if nobody learned anything from WWII and the Cold War.
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