Ocean's Fourteen? Crane, Nails and a Bomb Used in Denmark Heist

Robbers armed with submachine guns smashed down the wall of a money transport firm with a crane on Tuesday. They got away with over $6 million in cash by laying a carpet of nails and planting a bomb in a train station to divert their pursuers.

In a spectacular heist that had all the precision of a military operation, armed robbers in Denmark stole 30 million kroner ($6.3 million) in cash early on Tuesday by smashing down the wall of a money transport firm with a crane and storming through the breach armed with submachine guns and rifles.

They thwarted their police pursuers by scattering the street behind them with nails and planting a bomb at a nearby station to create chaos. Staff at the subsidiary of Sweden's Loomis AB cash handling firm weren't hurt.

The heist happened at around 3:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning in Copenhagen's Glostrup district, police said. The robbers -- there were about five of them -- drove off in three cars with foreign license plates. In a minor hitch, several bags of cash fell out of the open trunks as they screeched off.

Four of the police cars called to the scene were unable to give chase because their tires were flattened by metal spikes scattered by the gang.

To aid their getaway, the thieves had planted an 11-pound bomb at Glostrup station, which is part of Copenhagen's local train network. That distracted police and forced them to evacuate a 500-meter area around the station.

"It's a professional and highly aggressive robbery,'' police spokesman Bent Isager-Nielsen said in a statement on the Web site of the Copenhagen police.


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