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The PiS Dynasty Kaczynski Party in Control Ahead of Polish Vote

The right-wing party PiS is heading for another election victory in Poland. To ensure as large a majority as possible, Jaroslaw Kaczynski is seeking to target more moderate voters, but he hasn't forgotten his party's core nationalist supporters. Von Jan Puhl
10. Oktober 2019, 10:36 Uhr

Predictable Chaos Europe Braces for the Effects of Brexit

Hopes for a last minute deal between Britain and the EU are fading and both sides are now preparing for the consequences of an unregulated Brexit, including higher customs duties, long delays and greater uncertainties. There will be plenty of losers, but also some beneficiaries. By DER SPIEGEL Staff
8. Oktober 2019, 13:53 Uhr

The Popular Senhor Costa A Socialist Success Story in Portugal

Four years ago, few thought Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa's minority government would last long. But as he prepares for re-election, the Socialist is hoping to be returned to power with an absolute majority. What changed? Von Helene Zuber
1. Oktober 2019, 13:07 Uhr

He, the People Johnson Fans Brexit Flames in Wake of Court Ruling

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is abandoning all inhibitions in the battle for Brexit. His hostile and antagonistic rhetoric dismays civil Britons, but provides catnip for those eager to leave the EU. Many fear he has opened a Pandora's box. Von Jörg Schindler
27. September 2019, 18:05 Uhr

Alarming Message Germany Seeks to Limit EU Budget Contribution

As negotiations for the future EU budget heat up, Germany has angered some member states by demanding that the money available to Brussels not exceed 1 percent of the bloc's GDP. But Berlin has some allies. Von Peter Müller und Christian Reiermann
20. September 2019, 18:08 Uhr

World War II Anniversary Is Armed Conflict Possible in Today's Europe?

Europe has been largely peaceful since the end of World War II. The shock of that conflict was simply too great. But with memories of the violence now fading and nationalism on the rise, it is far from certain that peace will remain the status quo. Von Dirk Kurbjuweit
5. September 2019, 11:51 Uhr

Knavish Tricks Johnson's Brexit Gambit Puts Queen in a Tight Spot

Boris Johnson is putting all his eggs in one basket in the final run-up to Brexit. But by sending parliament on forced leave, he is damaging democracy and also one of the last intact pillars of the United Kingdom: Queen Elizabeth II. Von Jörg Schindler
30. August 2019, 18:01 Uhr

The Venezuelan Diaspora Spain's Other Refugees

Tens of thousands of Venezuelans have fled hunger and violence at home and come to Europe. Most of them go to Spain, where they easily integrate. But life as a refugee, even in a familiar culture, isn't always easy. Von Steffen Lüdke und Maria Feck
30. August 2019, 15:34 Uhr

Complacent No More It's Time for Germany to Step Up

The days in which Germany can afford to be complacent are over. Europe's largest economy needs to finally accept that it's too big and important to simply sit on the sidelines. It needs to invest, innovate -- and above all, lead. Von Mathieu von Rohr
27. August 2019, 13:54 Uhr

Microfinance in Cambodia When Microloans Do More Harm Than Good

Millions of Cambodians rely on microloans to survive, even though the practice drives many of them further into poverty. Some of the money given out to poor farmers comes from Germany, yet Berlin refuses to acknowledge there is a problem. Von Vanessa Steinmetz
16. August 2019, 16:18 Uhr

A Clique of 'Pseudo-Adults' Britain's Elite-School Problem

Boris Johnson is the 20th prime minister to come out of Eton College. The school represents a system in which the elite stay among themselves and fail to see the problems of others. And it is becoming a serious problem for the country. Von Jörg Schindler
9. August 2019, 18:06 Uhr

The Death of Marie Sophie Hingst Why It Was Right to Report on Her Lies

In June, I wrote an article exposing fabrications in Marie Sophie Hingst's blog about Jewish family members who allegedly died in the Holocaust. In mid-July, she was found dead in her apartment. Now, I am grappling with the question of whether my reporting was necessary. Von Martin Doerry
6. August 2019, 10:36 Uhr

Showdown With Brussels Boris Johnson Steers Into Conflict Course

Britain's new Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his cabinet of hardline Brexiteers appear to be steering toward a showdown with Brussels. By doing so, he's also increasing the chance there will be new elections in Britain this autumn. Von Jörg Schindler
26. Juli 2019, 18:42 Uhr