The Euro 2008 Talent Celebrating Football's Shirtless Wonders

Football is known as the beautiful game for a reason. It is a game played by young atheletes at the peak of physical fitness. At this year's Euro 2008 the best of Europe's soccer talent has made sure to show off their impressive torsos, whipping off their football shirts at every opportunity.

The Euro 2008 tournament is a showcase of footballing skill and prowess. But while the top players may have a ton of God-given talent they must also train relentlessly to achieve perfect fitness for the big games. All that working out and running up and down the pitch tends to give them a lean physique and some impressive-looking six-packs too. And after all that hard work, who would deny them the chance to show off those mighty torsos?

That at least is what many of this year's soccer players have been keen to do at the slightest excuse. They have been whipping off their football shirts after winning their games, obviously keen to celebrate and, of course, show off their athletic physiques. And the post-match stripping has revealed a host of new European talent.

Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo had already been voted the sexiest footballer in the run up to Euro 2008 and he did indeed make the effort to show off his pecs and abs this year. However, Portugal was knocked out of the championship by Germany in the quarter-finals and the attractive young Manchester United player disappeared from our screens. Other sexy stars like French forward Thierry Henry and Swedish underwear model Freddi Ljungberg also exited the tournament relatively early.

But not to worry, their mantle has been taken up by others. In the course of tournament a host of young footballing talent has come to the attention of the discerning fans, including Spain's hunky Sergio Ramos and energetic David Villa, Germany's brooding Christoph Metzelder and perky Lukas Podolski, and Russia's boyish Andrei Arshavin.

It's little wonder that with each passing tournament football is becoming more and more popular with men and women alike.



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