The Trail of Evil Can Europe's Populists Be Blamed for Anders Breivik's Crusade?


Part 4: How Does the Perpetrator Justify His Crimes?

"2083. A European Declaration of Independence." This is the title of the murderer's manifesto, which he placed on the Internet shortly before his killing spree. The document, 1,518 pages containing about 800,000 words, enables the reader to travel into the mind of a killer in a way that has never been possible before. Although the supposed facts it contains cannot be accepted as truth without verification, the document does reveal how the killer's mind works.

Breivik's convoluted manifesto consists of a section in which he foments violence, practical advice for potential killers, an interview with himself and a diary of sorts that he wrote in the months leading up to the attack.

Breivik avails himself of old conspiracy theories and new right-wing bloggers, and sometimes he quotes people who wrote sentences that appeal to him, be it Benjamin Franklin, Fidel Castro or Mark Twain.

Breivik is obsessed with Islam's supposed aim to subjugate Europe. He claims that a complacent Western elite of "multiculturalists/cultural Marxists" is serving Islam's purposes in the process. He demands that a Christian conservative avant-garde stand up and fight against this threat, and he counts himself as a member of this avant-garde. He imagines these "Knights Templar" committing assassinations and attacks, organizing a resistance movement and eventually taking power and expelling the Muslims from Europe. This goal, according to Breivik, is to be reached by 2083, 400 years after the Turks were defeated outside Vienna.

Breivik writes that what he opposes most of all is the position of "political correctness," which he equates with a "cultural Marxism."

The goal of this "cultural Marxism," in his view, is to deconstruct the old values and norms of Europe, Christianity, male and female roles, and sexual morality. Breivik believes that the most dangerous side of "cultural Marxism" is "multiculturalism," because it opens Europe's doors to Islam.

The Main Enemy

Breivik's manifesto is a strange conglomerate of quotes, plagiarized material and his own words. He provides footnotes and references, but he also quotes the Economist and SPIEGEL. He has academic pretensions, and he has a penchant for using numbers, although they are often taken from questionable sources. He distances himself from neo-Nazis, writing that anti-Semitism is nonsense and that Europe's Jews are allies in the fight against Islam. He calls Hitler a mass murderer and insists that the Holocaust is indisputable. But he also fantasizes over what he calls a genocide being committed by Muslims against Christian Europeans, except that it is being hushed up by the "cultural Marxists." Even more than Muslims, he seems to hate those he sees as paving the way for Muslim domination.

Only a few of Breivik's victims were Muslims. Instead of attacking a home for asylum seekers, he struck at what believes to be the main enemy: the future establishment of "cultural Marxists."

For Breivik, that category includes the majority of Europe's politicians, journalists and university professors, and he believes that 90 percent of these opinion-shaping elites are proponents of "cultural Marxism." He has no answer to the question of why these people so complacently allow themselves to be roped in by the Muslims. At times he refers to these elites as ignorant people who simply don't recognize the threat, and at times he reasons that their actions are driven by the dependence on Arab oil and the fear of terrorist attacks.

Breivik even seriously considers the question of whether it would be possible to use nuclear weapons against multiculturalists. He concludes that it would be difficult but should not be ruled out in a later stage of the revolution.

For his days of judgment, Breivik envisions the deportation of Muslims and the execution of traitors. He divides his cultural Marxist enemies into "category A to C traitors." Category A includes top opinion leaders like editors-in-chief and politicians, while group B consists of the foot soldiers of the multiculturalists. "They know that they are contributing to a process of indirect cultural and demographical genocide," he writes. Breivik's Category C consists of apolitical followers.

For Breivik, the 69 victims on Utøya Island, most of them youths attending a Social Democratic Party summer camp, are presumably Category B traitors.

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iqrassooli 08/02/2011
1. Slaughter in Norway
I am amazed that the editors of Spiegel are unable to comprehend Breivik's dastardly action. He is NOT a Christian fundamentalist; a nut case or a NAZI. Having bothered to STUDY his rambling Manifesto (Unlike most newspaper editors) the ONLY conclusion is that he is a Norwegian Nationalist who has been FORCED by the endemic Political Correctness of the Left-Liberal party in Norway (where in, no ONE can criticise or reveal the FACTS about Islasm without one being pilloried and FALSELY accused of Racism)to make a POLITICAL point by slaughtering suppoters and family member of the ruling elite. He truly believes that the Norwegian leadership is flushing his country into the sewer of Islamization. Breivik has spent almost NINE years preparing for this. He is focused, determined and was able to turn himself into a killing machine. Blaming anyone else is not only stupid but defeats any attempt to understand what motivated his satanic deed to prevent another one from happening. It is time to reflect upon this unbelievable event and not play the blame game. IQ al Rassooli
lol1232 08/02/2011
2. malice aforethought
Reading the article was like trying to read tea leaves. It's pretty irrelevant as to the speculation of his motives and ideological accomplices. The point is that he is a Murderer in the first degree. My question that I have and haven't seen answered anywhere, is where did he get the police uniform that fit him? When did he have access to it or did someone else provide it for him. Everything he did was deliberate,premeditated and not of diminished capacity since he obviously knows the nature of his act (he is a crusader and feels no guilt for his actions). He is a threat to the community, but not to himself ...another sign in touch with reality. He may identify himself as a Templar or crusader but that doesn't mean he has to act out in a killing spree, that in and of itself is irrelevant to the deed. He needs to get life without parole because of his serious endangerment to society and community. That's all I have to say...oh, yeah and may he rot in hell forever.
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