Wild Europe Berlin Photo Show Highlights Continent's Natural Gems

Spectacular wildlife photography often depicts African lions or penguins waddling across Antarctic snow. But an exhibition on tour in Europe is shining a spotlight on natural wonders closer to home. Starting on Tuesday, visitors arriving at Berlin's central train station will be greeted by pictures showcasing Europe's gems.

By Kate Katharina Ferguson

A snowy Russian forest, the Matterhorn mountain and a multicolored bee-eating bird about to gulp its buzzing prey, are just some of the striking photographs going on show in central Berlin on Tuesday.

Organized by a group called Wild Wonders of Europe, the selection of 100 life-size photographs aim to remind people of the continent's "unseen, unexpected and unforgettable wildlife."

The images, which include shots from all 48 European countries, were taken by a team of European nature photographers who were sent on assignment for 15 months to try and depict the continent's diversity.

Their task was far from easy, according to Florian Möllers of Wild Wonders of Europe. He described photographers' painstaking task of waiting for the right moment. "We cannot stage nature," he told SPIEGEL ONLINE. "There was always an element of uncertainty involved."

The results of this pan-European mission have already been shown in Holland, the Czech Republic and Denmark. On May 22, until the end of July, the exhibition will be shown on panels outside Berlin's central train station, where they will be lit up at night.


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