Analysis of the Love Parade Tragedy The Facts Behind the Duisburg Disaster


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Part 6: Prior Warnings

One senior police officer from the city of Cologne who inspected the Duisburg site ahead of the festival told Express newspaper: "There were 12 to 13 inspections. And every time we went there we agreed that the plan would result in chaos, that people would be injured and killed," he said. But the warnings had been ignored. "We were always told that this wasn't up for discussion. The city administration was adamant that the Love Parade must go ahead."

According to newspaper reports, the head of the local fire brigade had warned the mayor in a letter in October 2009 that the site was "physically unsuitable" for an event of this size.

Michael Böcker, the chairman of the fire brigade union for the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, told SPIEGEL ONLINE: "The regulations regarding assembly sites were criminally ignored. The people who signed the approval are to blame."

Mayor Adolf Sauerland, who is now under police protection because of threats against him, told Rheinische Post newspaper on Tuesday: "I'm not aware of any warnings."


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