Analysis of the Love Parade Tragedy The Facts Behind the Duisburg Disaster


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Part 7: Accusations Against the Mayor

Internet news portal reported on Tuesday that Sauerland had been informed of the misgivings of police four weeks before the Love Parade. The website published what it said were minutes of a meeting in which the objections of the administration are laid out in detail and which, the report said, was also sent to Sauerland.

According to DerWesten, the minutes document a meeting on June 18 between the Love Parade organizers, with the fire brigade, the local health and safety department and Wolfgang Rabe, Duisburg's top official in charge of health and safety. There was a row about the available escape routes. Rabe, the transcript indicates, put pressure on the construction planning office at the meeting. "Mr. Rabe said in this context that the mayor wants the event to take place and that a solution must be found for that. He didn't accept the demands of the construction planning office that the organizer should present a suitable concept," the transcript says, according to DerWesten.

The head of the construction office, Jürgen Dressler, wrote on the transcript that he rejected any responsibility for the event. "This in no way amounts to orderly administrative behavior and appropriate planning," he wrote by hand on the transcript.

A spokeswoman for the Duisburg city administration declined to comment on the transcript on Tuesday.


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