Photo Gallery: Serious Shortcomings
Foto: Daniele Bennati/ dpa

Photo Gallery: Serious Shortcomings

A Known 'Threat' Why Did Germany Fail to Stop Terrorist?

German authorities identified Anis Amri as a potential terrorist threat months ago. How did they fail to stop him from committing his deadly attack? These government failures are likely to haunt the country for months to come. By SPIEGEL Staff

40 Agencies

cooperate as part of the Joint Counter-Terrorism Center (GTAZ), which focuses on fighting Islamist terror
Federal Criminal Police Office
Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution
Federal Intelligence Service
Federal Police
Central Office of the German Customs Investigation Service
Military Counter-Intelligence Service
Federal Office for Migration and Refugees
Federal Public Prosecutor General
16 state criminal police offices
16 state intelligence services
Translated from the German by Christopher Sultan