How Germans Voted Merkel's CDU Prevailed in Most Districts

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives prevailed in the overwhelming majority of constituencies across the country. This SPIEGEL graphic breaks the CDU leader's victory down, district by district.

It's been years since Germany experienced an election outcome this spectacular. Together, the conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and its Bavarian sister party, the Christian Social Union, (CSU) garnered the most votes it has seen in 19 years, nearly achieving an absolute majority in the federal parliament, the Bundestag.

Meanwhile, the center-left Social Democrats suffered their second worst result in history, the Greens stumbled badly and the business-friendly Free Democrats fell out of parliament for the first time ever.

The euroskeptic Alternative for Germany party came just shy of the five-percent mark needed to enter. And the Left Party, in part comprised of remnants of East Germany's SED Communist Party, is now the third-strongest power in parliament close to two and a half decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

So what happens now? Merkel will have to sort through this political tangle to create a coalition government. It certainly won't be easy.

The following graphic breaks down the CDU's success, district by district:

Graphic: How Germans Votes

Graphic: How Germans Votes

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danm 09/24/2013
1. optional
This map shows that Merkel has a clear mandate and it is not to give into the agressive wish list of the SPD.
worldview 09/25/2013
2. what mandate?
If Merkel had a clear mandate, there would be no discussion. She did not win outright, so she has no mandate. She must form another coalition, so she must compromise. Those are all her options.
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