Home Win Germany to Host 2011 Women's Soccer World Cup

Soccer's world governing body FIFA has decided that the 2011 Women's World Cup will be played in Germany. The country won the past two Women's World Cups and hosted the 2006 men's World Cup.

There were scenes of jubilation in Germany one month ago when its national team won the Women's World Cup . Now the country is celebrating the news that it is to host the 2011 championship.

The executive committee of soccer's world governing body FIFA met on Tuesday in Zürich to decide which of the two contenders -- Canada and Germany -- would host the 2011 Women's World Cup. It voted in favor of Germany. In recent months, Peru, Australia, Switzerland and France had all withdrawn their bids to host the competition.

"We are very proud and grateful, following the men's World Cup of 2006, to be able to host the Women's World Cup in 2011," said German Football Association President Theo Zwanziger.

"This is a huge vote of confidence for a country which is crazy about soccer and is a well-deserved boost for women's soccer," said Germany's Family Minister Ursula von der Leyen, who had travelled to Zürich for the occasion.

Chancellor Angela Merkel sent a video message from India, where she is on a state visit, to voice her support for the German bid.

FIFA also decided on Tuesday that the men's World Cup 2014 will be played in Brazil -- the only country that offered to host it.


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