'Like Chess, Only without the Dice' German Football's Greatest Sayings

By David Gordon Smith

Part 4: Geography Red Card: 'The Swedes Are no Dutchmen'

Franz Beckenbauer: The Kaiser is no Einstein.

Franz Beckenbauer: The Kaiser is no Einstein.

With all those international fixtures and pan-European transfers, you might think German football players would have a firm grasp of geography. You'd be wrong.

- Mailand oder Madrid - Hauptsache Italien. (Milan or Madrid -- the most important thing is it's Italy.)

Midfielder Andi Möller, who helped Germany to victory in the 1990 World Cup, coined an instant classic when he gave this answer to an interviewer's question about where he would like to play in the future.

- Die Schweden sind keine Holländer, das hat man ganz genau gesehen. (The Swedes are no Dutchmen -- we saw that very clearly.)

And Franz Beckenbauer is no Einstein when it comes to geographical insight.


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