Natural Wonders Survey Seeks to Find Germany's Prettiest Places

What is Germany's favorite natural wonder? This is the question posed by the Heinz Sielmann Foundation, which is putting 42 of the country's most beautiful sites to the public vote.

Germans are famous for their love of nature, but what is the nation's favorite beauty spot? Germany's Heinz Sielmann Foundation is looking to find the most popular natural wonder in the country.

The Duderstadt-based environmental organization has been working alongside nature parks and tourist boards to set up an online poll, which will run throughout the holiday season, where Germans can vote for their favorite beauty spot.

The shortlisted areas of outstanding natural beauty include the chalk cliffs of Rügen and the Brocken mountain. Also on the list are the Thuringian Forest, the "Long Anna" rock formation on the island of Helgoland and the Watzmann mountain in the Alps.

"Our aim is to promote a greater appreciation of the natural environment and to encourage people to conserve it locally," said the foundation's director, Michael Spielmann, explaining the thinking behind the initiative.

Voting is open now and will run through the foundation's Web site (in German) until Sept. 14.



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