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Blind Spot German Politicians Grapple with Tracking Extremists

Following the attempted mass murder at a synagogue in Halle, political parties in Germany are debating what action can be taken to prevent radicalization on the internet. Some politicians say surveillance is the answer. By DER SPIEGEL Staff
22. Oktober 2019, 16:44 Uhr

Refugee Success Stories Finding a New Life in Germany

Since the mass influx of refugees to Germany in 2015, one-third have found jobs in the country. We profile four success stories that show just how far some asylum-seekers can get in the country if they remain persistent. Von Katrin Elger und Anna-Lena Jaensch
17. Oktober 2019, 16:47 Uhr

Fridays for Horsepower The German Motorists Who Oppose Greta Thunberg

Motorists in Germany are banding together to oppose climate activists' calls to limit the use of cars. Politicians are taking them seriously because, unlike the Fridays for Future movement and its leader Greta Thunberg, most members of the Fridays for Horsepower group can vote. By SPIEGEL Staff
15. Oktober 2019, 14:56 Uhr

Far-Right Terrorism Deadly Attack Exposes Lapses in German Security Apparatus

The 27-year-old German man who went on a shooting spree during the Yom Kippur holiday was out to kill Jews. He apparently self-radicalized in the darkest corners of the internet, beyond the reach of police or intelligence officials, who are woefully unprepared for this new breed of terrorism. By DER SPIEGEL Staff
11. Oktober 2019, 20:29 Uhr

Opinion This Isn't a Drill, It's the Catastrophe

Germany is a country where hatred for those who are perceived to be different slides effortlessly from a tick on the election ballot to genocide. It's not enough to install a few security cameras -- it's time for an antifascist consensus. Von Max Czollek
11. Oktober 2019, 19:45 Uhr

Murder in Berlin Evidence Mounts of Russian State Involvement

The murder of a Georgian man in Berlin is attracting international attention. DER SPIEGEL and its reporting partners have new information indicating that the crime could in fact have been commissioned by the Russian state. Von Maik Baumgärtner, Christo Grozev, Roman Lehberger, Alexander Sarovic, Fidelius Schmid und Jörg Schmitt
2. Oktober 2019, 17:03 Uhr

The Last of the Monks Germany's Vanishing Monasteries

Religious orders in Germany are disappearing because so few people want to dedicate their entire lives to God anymore. Some monasteries and convents find novel ways to make money and survive, but even their days are numbered. Von Felix Bohr
19. September 2019, 10:58 Uhr

Saving Food Waste A Crash Course in Dumpster Diving

Taking food out of supermarket dumpsters is illegal in Germany. But the practice is growing in popularity. Even as some stores try to keep the dumpster divers away, those interested can sign up for courses in "beginner diving." Von Alexander Kühn
2. September 2019, 13:03 Uhr

Brandenburg Elections Leading German Populist Has Extremist Background

The right-wing populist party Alternative for Germany (AfD) insists that it has nothing to do with neo-Nazis. But its lead candidate in the state of Brandenburg, where voters will cast their ballots on Sunday, has deep extremist roots. Von Maik Baumgärtner, Giorgos Christides, Matthias Gebauer, Ann-Katrin Müller und Christoph Schult
30. August 2019, 16:20 Uhr

Economic Downturn Germany May Abandon Its Beloved Black Zero

Chancellor Angela Merkel is still clinging to her policy of a balanced budget, but it is becoming increasingly clear that Germany's economic downturn could soon usher in a return to deficit spending. Government ministries are already signaling a willingness to abandoned years of cautious fiscal policy. Von Christian Reiermann
22. August 2019, 14:06 Uhr

Radio Silence German-U.S. Ties Are Breaking Down

Never since the founding of postwar Germany have relations between Berlin and the United States been as fragile as they are today. There is virtual radio silence between Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Donald Trump and U.S. Ambassador Richard Grenell is doing more to agitate the situation than to mediate. Von Matthias Gebauer, Christiane Hoffmann, René Pfister und Gerald Traufetter
21. August 2019, 12:38 Uhr

Murder in Frankfurt The Struggle to Find Answers to Random Crime

On Monday, an eight-year-old boy got pushed in front of a train in Frankfurt and died. The crime has horrified the entire country and right-wing populists have sought to instrumentalize it. But can such acts of violence really be prevented? By DER SPIEGEL Staff
2. August 2019, 18:01 Uhr

To Russia With Love Relations with Moscow Emerge as German Election Issue

With elections looming in three former East German states this fall, many leading politicians see rapprochement with Russia as a winning campaign strategy. But this perspective puts them in direct confrontation with Chancellor Angela Merkel's government in Berlin. Von Christiane Hoffmann, Timo Lehmann, Veit Medick und Ralf Neukirch
29. Juli 2019, 18:18 Uhr

The Huawei Dilemma Resistance to Chinese Mobile Provider Grows Among Conservatives

In Germany, the debate is growing in conservative political circles as to whether it should prohibit Chinese network equipment provider Huawei from helping to build the country's 5G network. But at the moment, Berlin doesn't really have any other choice. Von Melanie Amann, Martin Knobbe, Marcel Rosenbach, Michael Sauga und Wolf Wiedmann-Schmidt
26. Juli 2019, 09:43 Uhr

Far-Right AfD Germany's Populist Party Embraces Its Extremist Wing

The far-right fringe of Germany's populist Alternative for Germany party is gaining ground. Politicians in the party who once opposed the wing and its leader, Björn Höcke, have abandoned their resistance and are taking steps to embrace the extremists. Von Melanie Amann und Ann-Katrin Müller
12. Juli 2019, 19:16 Uhr

The Road to Brussels Does Von der Leyen Have a Chance as Commission President?

The nomination of German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen as European Commission president came as a surprise. And many are unhappy. It not only undermines efforts to make the EU more democratic, but she may not be confirmed. Von Melanie Amann, Markus Becker, Matthias Gebauer, Konstantin von Hammerstein, Julia Amalia Heyer, Christoph Hickmann, Dietmar Hipp und Peter Müller
5. Juli 2019, 18:00 Uhr

No Way Back Why Most Syrian Refugees Want to Stay in Germany

Islamic State has been conquered and the war has ended in large parts of Syria, but most Syrian refugees living in Germany want to stay. Many fear persecution if they go back while others have already established themselves in their new home. Von Katrin Elger und Asia Haidar
3. Juli 2019, 17:09 Uhr

Father, Neighbor, Killer Germany's Chilling New Far-Right Terror

The recent politically motivated assassination of a prominent local leader in Germany has raised concern about the growing threat of far-right extremism in the country. As investigators search for possible accomplices, politicians are struggling to find answers to the escalating violence. By DER SPIEGEL Staff
27. Juni 2019, 17:45 Uhr