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The German island of Sylt has long been a playground for the country's rich and famous. Prices there, though, have gotten out of hand of late. In the city of Kampen, the world's most expensive home is now for sale -- and it's a lot smaller than you might think.

And you thought real estate prices were crazy where you lived. A 30-square meter (322-square foot) house on the popular German holiday island of Sylt is being offered to buyers for €6.3 million ($9 million). According to owner Heinrich Haase the building stands on 2,400 meters of land in the millionaire's neighbourhood of Kampen on the island, off Germany's northern coast near the Danish border.

Checking out the most expensive house in the world on the estate agent's website: Waterküken, as it's known, could go for up to €6.3 million.

Checking out the most expensive house in the world on the estate agent's website: Waterküken, as it's known, could go for up to €6.3 million.

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It sits in the middle of dunes with unrestricted sea views. And the tiny seaside palace is made of red brick and has a thatched roof. Inside you will find a tiny kitchen and bathroom with a small staircase that leads to a sleeping area. When you're lying down, the view out of a semi-circular window is magical, over lawns and tidelands and water, reports the Hamburger Abendblatt newspaper.

But there's one little problem -- at the moment, nothing can be built onto, or around the house, which goes by the name of "Waterküken," or "chick of the mudflats."

At first the owners wanted €4.8 million for the house, which meant that at €160,000 euro a square meter the island cottage would have been the most expensive home in the world. But should permission to make improvements come through, the price would go even higher, to around 6.3 million euros. "The price isn't so much for the house, but for the location," said Haase, stating the somewhat obvious.

He and his son, Matthias, had bought the house several years ago, hoping that they would get permission to renovate or build onto the house or land. But that permission has not been forthcoming.

Haase had even suggested that the extra €1.5 million the house might fetch could then be donated to a charitable organization. However, after advice from the local building authority, the district of North Frisia has rejected that idea as well.

There are definitely people interested in this mini-millionaire's mansion, Haase said, including folks "whose names you would know." Though who exactly, he would not say. And in the meantime, the small house, with the unexpected title of "world's most expensive" is making headlines worldwide. Haase said that over the weekend he had even had enquiries from a Japanese TV crew that had heard about it.

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