Hej Danmark! SPIEGEL Launches Partnership with Politiken.Dk

As part of an effort to establish a network of English Web sites from Europe's leading high-quality journalism brands, SPIEGEL ONLINE has launched a partnership with Politiken in Denmark.

SPIEGEL ONLINE on Monday announced the Web site of the respected Danish daily Politiken  would become the third partner in the European journalism network it launched in September 2008 together with NRC Handelsblad of the Netherlands.

Under the agreement, SPIEGEL ONLINE, NRC Handelsblad  and Politiken will establish a high-profile, continent-wide network to provide English-speaking Web users with access to some of the most dynamic news and feature content from Europe's most-respected sources.

"With the addition of Politiken as a member, we now have a key network partner in Denmark that will provide an important source of news from Scandinavia," said SPIEGEL ONLINE Editor-in-Chief Rüdiger Ditz. "Politiken is venerated in Denmark for its quality journalism and we are pleased to have them on board."

By joining the partnership, Politiken has helped SPIEGEL ONLINE and NRC Handelsblad take a significant step closer to creating a journalism network that will soon stretch across the European continent and provide opinion-shaping journalism on issues of importance to Europe.

"There is a lot of information out there, but what users increasingly want is content they can trust, from producers who they know follow strict ethical rules. This network will give them precisely that -- a bird's eye view of what is happening in Europe from some of the most respected journalists in the trade," says Politiken Editor-in-Chief Stig Ørskov.

Each member of the partnership will feature news, current affairs and feature items from across the network on their sites, to drive traffic and provide advertisers with access to a much larger pan-European audience. "We plan to share readers in the same way airline networks share passengers," says SPIEGEL ONLINE's Ditz.

Apart from sharing content and exchanging links, the group will also seek to coordinate coverage of major events in Europe, with close cooperation between its journalists, starting with the 2009 European elections.

"The group's coverage will give readers access to extensive reporting from each country," says NRC.nl Editor-in-Chief Kees Versteegh. "The multimedia benefits of the Internet will also allow round-table discussions between journalists and readers, broadening the horizon of coverage, and giving a much more nuanced view of developments in Europe."

While the group is initially composed of three parties, negotiations are ongoing with other potential partners across Europe and 2009 promises to see the network developing apace.

-- The Editors