Safer Practices for Sources How To Contact SPIEGEL with Confidential Information

Protecting sources is SPIEGEL's utmost priority. We've assembled a few tips for those interested in contacting us with confidential or classified information.


One basic safety tip is that you should never contact us from your own office. Work phones, mobile phones and your office e-mail address can all be easily monitored. In highly sensitive situations, do not use your private mobile phone, personal landline or private e-mail account.

Most importantly: Never send us classified or confidential information through normal e-mail channels.

The best approach is take up direct personal contact with us. You have the choice of remaining anonymous and do not have to provide us with your name. You can get in touch in the following ways:

1. Telephone: You can reach us at +49 40 3007 0 (from outside Germany) or 040 3007 0 (inside Germany). Once connected, ask for "investigative." For additional security, you can use a prepaid SIM card purchased under another name and a disposable mobile phone. Every mobile phone sold has a unique (IMEI) identification number attached to it. It can still be detected even if you are using a pre-paid SIM card. If you are using a landline, it is best to use one that is not registered in your name and to which you cannot be traced in any way.

2. Mail: Please write to us at:



Ericusspitz 1

20457 Hamburg

The postal system is a reliable way of sending information. For further security, you could also encrypt your documents and place them on a CD or USB stick, and then send it by normal mail.

3. Email: You can also send a PGP-encrypted email to:

Fingerprint: 6177 6456 98CE 38EF 21DE AAAA AD69 75A1 27FF 8ADC

We will include the fingerprint in the masthead of the printed edition each week starting with the next issue.

You can further increase your security by connecting a laptop that does not contain any personal data to a public WLAN network using the Tor anonymizing system.

It is important to remember, however, that none of the aforementioned measures can guarantee absolute anonymity and safety!

If you personally do not feel comfortable or confident using these technologies and encryption tools, you can also contact the appropriate SPIEGEL editor and arrange a personal meeting in a safe place. Sensitive documents and other pieces of information are best provided in person and in an encrypted form.

Once contact has been established, we are happy to provide you with advice on how you can take steps to protect yourself as an informant.


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