Mission Impossible in the Balkans Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

We read with great interest your article "Mission impossible in the Balkans" (10 December 2007).

As you know, Kosovo’s status has not yet been resolved.

However, the EU has repeatedly expressed its readiness to assist Kosovo in its path towards stability and European integration, including through an enhanced EU presence on the ground.

In your article we have noted a number of misunderstandings and some misleading information. We would on this occasion like to point out two serious inaccuracies in the article. Any military presence in Kosovo will be under NATO command and only last week NATO foreign ministers reiterated their intent to keep the current KFOR operation in Kosovo. Secondly, words like EU protectorate are completely out of the EU vocabulary. On the contrary the EU is preparing its presence on the understanding that there will be a major shift from international governance towards Kosovo governance.

Considering that Kosovo is an important issue for the stability of the Balkans and a key priority for the EU we invite you to keep reporting on this issue and we remain available for any help or clarifications needed.

Cristina Gallach, Spokesperson of Javier Solana (Brussels)

Jonas Jonsson, Head of the Preparation Team for an International Civilian Office/ EU Special Representative (Pristina)

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