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Honest Broker How the Libya Summit in Berlin Took Shape

The path to this Sunday's peace conference on Libya in Berlin was anything but certain. First, officials in the German government had to convince all the parties in the conflict to attend. By Christian Esch, Matthias Gebauer, Christiane Hoffmann, Christoph Schult und Severin Weiland
17. Januar 2020, 18:11 Uhr

Last Will and Testament Can New Organ Donor Law Save Lives?

German lawmakers are considering making the country's organ donor program opt-out rather than opt-in. Their decision could save many lives, but it's deeply controversial. A transplant recipient and a father who had to choose whether to donate his son's organs share their views on the life and death legislation. By Cornelia Schmergal
15. Januar 2020, 18:22 Uhr

Journey to the Truth The Concentration Camp Victim Who Never Was

A supposed former prisoner at Stutthof concentration camp attracted attention around the world when he hugged a man accused of being a former guard during his criminal trial and offered his forgiveness. The story seemed too good to be true -- and it was. By Moritz Gerlach
14. Januar 2020, 11:28 Uhr

The U.S. Versus Iran A Dangerous New Era in the Middle East

By killing top Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, the U.S. has injected even more unpredictability into an already unstable region. Both sides have insisted they don't want war. But the conflict is likely to continue in the shadows. By Markus Becker, Konstantin von Hammerstein, Christiane Hoffmann, Peter Müller, René Pfister, Maximilian Popp, Tobias Rapp, Christoph Reuter, Alexandra Rojkov, Marcel Rosenbach, Raniah Salloum, Christoph Scheuermann, Fidelius Schmid, Christoph Schult und Wolf Wiedmann-Schmidt
10. Januar 2020, 17:46 Uhr

Rescuing the Rescuers Germany Plans to Repatriate Ebola Patients

The German government, doctors and Lufthansa have come up with a novel solution for bringing aid workers back to Europe for treatment if they contract Ebola in Africa. The plan involves modular isolation chambers that could be loaded onto conventional freight planes. By Christoph Schult
8. Januar 2020, 10:19 Uhr

Europe's Reluctant Leader Germany Searches for Its Role in the World

Germany is still struggling to find its role in the world. But what does the world want from Germany? From Washington to Warsaw, Beijing to Brussels, many are wondering where Berlin's foreign policy is headed. Von Christian Esch, Christiane Hoffmann, René Pfister, Jan Puhl, Britta Sandberg und Bernhard Zand
6. Januar 2020, 12:54 Uhr

A New Wave of Refugees? Idlib Violence Puts Pressure on EU-Turkey Pact

With Russia and Iran joining the Syrian regime in pounding the population of Idlib in northern Syria, a new wave of refugees is heading for Turkey. Ankara has signaled that it may mark the end of the Turkish-EU refugee pact. Von Melanie Amann, Giorgos Christides, Steffen Lüdke, Peter Müller und Maximilian Popp
3. Januar 2020, 18:36 Uhr

China's Uighur Crackdown 'The Holocaust Did Not Take Place in One Day'

The Chinese government is currently interning hundreds of thousands of the country's Uighur Muslim minority. In an interview, Jewher Ilham, the daughter of human rights activist Ilham Tohti, who has been sentenced to life in prison, calls on the European Union to take action against Beijing. Von Markus Becker
3. Januar 2020, 12:51 Uhr

Photo Gallery A Bangladeshi Worker Heads Home

Women like Tasnia Begum work in Bangladesh's cities and sew clothes for Western consumers. Often the only time they see their children is during the holidays, though they go to great lengths to ensure that their offspring will have better lives than they do.
17. Dezember 2019, 15:23 Uhr
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