Picture This Here Comes Barack the Bride

Foto: AP

The marriage of Obama? These traditional "falla" or satirical sculptures, seen in Valencia, Spain on Monday, depict European leaders trying to marry US President Barack Obama, right, in a fetching wedding dress. From left, Spainish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero holds a knife, a boozy and bawdy German Chancellor Angela Merkel holds a jug of beer, while French President Nicolas Sarkozy, top left, shows his macho muscles next to Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi holding a machine gun, and a supplicant British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in a bowler hat. The sign on bottom right reads "Las Bodas de Figaro" after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart"s opera "The Marriage of Figaro." Every year the city of Valencia celebrates the ancient "Fallas" fiesta, a noisy week full of fireworks and processions in honor of St. Joseph, ending with the burning of the large papier-mache satirical figures displayed around the streets of the city.

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