Picture This 'Look Mickey, I've Hooked a Big One'

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A gallery worker walks past one of pop artist Gerald Laing's paintings at a gallery in London. After a 30-year break, the contemporary of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein has put brush back to canvas in protest of the Iraq war. The artist, born in northern England in 1936, stopped creating Pop Art paintings in the 1960s but returned to the form this year for the show, painting pictures that show the humiliation of prisoners at Abu Ghraib as well as the bombing of Baghdad. "These show the decay of the American dream," he told the wire service Reuters. "We are losing freedoms very fast. Things like freedom of speech that we took for granted in the 1960s have already gone."

"These pictures make a point," he added. "They will always be there for people to see. Blair may be gone from office -- with Bush soon to follow -- but these images will endure," he added. "They are a constant reminder of these shameful events."

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