In addition to our regularly updated Web site and daily newsletter, SPIEGEL INTERNATIONAL is available as a live feed that can be accessed using any RSS news reader.

Receive up-to-the-minute SPIEGEL INTERNATIONAL headlines with your RSS news reader by subscribing to our feeds.

FAQ: How RSS Feeds Work
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What is RSS? What is a Feed?
RSS allows you to keep track of every new story that gets posted on SPIEGEL INTERNATIONAL without having to keep reloading the site. Using your Web browser or an RSS newsreader, you can subscribe to an RSS feed that keeps you up to date with any new content we post to the site, including links to the full text of each article.
How can I read an RSS feed?
It’s simple. Many Web browsers and e-mail programs support RSS feeds. All you have to do is subscribe to a feed and your browser's RSS reader will take care of the rest. The advantage of using these applications is that all your RSS feeds are handled by one program, in one place.

Portal sites like Google, Yahoo and NetVibes also offer the possibility of creating personalized Internet start pages that collect your favorite RSS feeds and provide a single overview for users of the latest headlines. The advantage of these sites is that they are accessible on just about any computer hooked up to the Internet, whether you’re at home, work or traveling.

If you prefer to scan your RSS feeds independent of your Web browser, then you need to download an RSS reader or widget. There are many such programs available for computers running Windows, Mac OS or Linux. The advantage is that you can constantly access our headlines without firing up your Web browser.

Using SPIEGEL Mobil, our mobile phone service, you can also receive RSS feeds on your mobile, smart phone or PDA.
How can I use an RSS feed in my browser or e-mail program?
Just check the Web browser you are using right now to see if it has RSS functions. Under the help menu, you should be able to find more information about subscribing to RSS feeds using your normal browser. Most modern browsers already include RSS capabilities -- or they can easily be added or expanded with the simple download of extensions. The following standard browsers are already programmed to manage your RSS feeds:
  • Internet Explorer for Windows, starting with version 7
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Mozilla Firefox

The Firefox browser, with several free and powerful RSS extensions, can be turned into an RSS powerhouse. But most browsers allow you to add RSS feeds to your bookmarks or favorites. Clicking on a link will take you to the latest headlines from that feed.

Many mail programs are also equipped to receive and organize RSS feeds for you, including:
  • Microsoft Outlook for Windows-based computers - all releases starting in 2007
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Opera
How can I subscribe to and follow RSS feeds on Google and other platforms?
Many Internet portals allow you to set up a customized news page that includes RSS feeds that you have added. They can then be accessed by almost any computer hooked up to the Internet through your own specialized start page. These services are incredibly simple, and all you need to get started is to open up an account. Among the largest are:

These platforms are built entirely on RSS feeds. When you set up your account, they will also provide you with information on how you can easily add additional feeds to your start page.
Is stand-alone RSS reader software available?
A number of RSS news readers are available. It's best to research them yourself in order to find the one most tailored to your needs. Some of the more widely used RSS readers include:

But those are just a few. Many other RSS news readers are also available on the Web.
How can I subscribe to an RSS feed on my mobile phone?
You can easily subscribe to SPIEGEL International's RSS feed on your mobile phone or PDA. Many phones offer one-click subscriptions to RSS feeds. Otherwise, you can manually enter the SPIEGEL INTERNATIONAL mobile RSS feed into your smart phone's browser:

You can also add other subcategory feeds by replacing "international" with the names of our other sections, including World, Europe, Germany, Business and Zeitgeist. For example:


The header of every article on SPIEGEL ONLINE contains several orange RSS buttons that you can click to subscribe to the feeds of the categories associated with that article. Just look for the category list in the upper left-hand corner of the page. Click on the RSS feed you wish to follow, and your browser should do the rest for you.

And anywhere you go on the Web and see the following RSS logos, if you just click on the logo, you should be able to subscribe to one or more feeds. SPIEGEL INTERNATIONAL, for example, automatically gives you the choice of subscribing to an English-language feed or to the main feed for our German sister site.

After clicking on the RSS logo, your browser will generally take you automatically to a page that includes the content of the RSS feed.

RSS is currently supported by Internet Explorer (version 7 and higher), Firefox (version 2 and higher), Safari (version 2 and higher) and Opera (version 5.7 and higher). Google Chrome does not currently support RSS feeds.


In addition to our general SPIEGEL INTERNATIONAL RSS feed, you also subscribe to a feed for each section of the site including World, Europe, Germany, Business and Zeitgeist.









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