SPIEGEL Surfs the Web Google for Stalkers

Google Maps takes you everywhere. The service will even lead you to the darkest depths of your soul.

Want to know where Arnie lives?

Want to know where Arnie lives?

The principle is an easy one. Take Google Maps, mate it with a phone book and the result is a brand new tool that guides you directly to where you need to go. And, this being the Internet, a new word to describe the phenomenon has likewise made its appearance in cyberspace: mashup. There are dozens of them already, from those listing US hotels  to one helping you keep track of sex offenders in Florida.   There's even one in New Orleans  that shows those who have returned which shops, restaurants and hotels have re-opened for business.

But increasingly, mashups seem also to be an outlet for combining personal obsessions with Google Maps. Combine voyeurism and Google Maps and you end up with a site that shows you exactly where your favorite celebrity lives in LA.  Alcoholism plus Google Maps gives you beer hunter   -- a Web site that shows those in Toronto where the nearest beer and wine shop is located. For a more complete listing, click here.

Polygamy Is the New Black

It was, of course, Sting who brought the line "if you love somebody, set them free" onto the pop charts. Now, according to a new article in New York magazine, an increasing number of couples are trying to bring the concept into the bedroom. Even as monogamy remains the ultimate goal for most relationships, more and more couples are deciding that the good old fashioned "closed relationship" isn't all that great after all. In order to spice up their sex lives, they are allowing each other to venture a bit further afield. And, after reading the article, be sure not to miss the glossary of sex lifestyles attached.

Spying on New Yorkers

Eavesdropping, as we all know, is rude. Not only that, but those who make a habit of it are generally thought to be freaks or voyeurs. But it's also great fun. Which is why the Web site is such a success. Everyday, you can drop by for brief snippets of dialogue on topics from the inane to insane. The best part about it is that you too can help out -- all you have to do is wander around New York with your ears wide open. Be warned, this site isn't for the faint of heart. But then again, neither is New York.


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