A Machine for Living Dubai Tunes into iPod Craze with iPad Building

The sleek design of Apple's iPod has inspired a whole new generation of gadgets -- now architecture is picking up on the trend.

Apple has long impressed as much with its design as its technology: from the first Macintosh to the iMac, it has led the way in making gadgets attractive to look at as well as use. And Apple's iPod music player has been perhaps its biggest success -- in fact it has changed the way people listen to music.

The iPod's sleek design has also been the inspiration for a whole new generation of electronic gadgets -- and now architecture is picking up on the trend with the "iPad." The 23-floor residential and office building will have a smooth metallic surface and slim shape -- a tribute to the hand-held gadget. Constructed with a slightly diagonal axis and a protruding ground floor, it will closely resemble an iPod sitting in its charger.

The live-in gadget will be built in Dubai which is already home to the attention-grabbing sail-shaped "Burja al Arab" hotel. The building has been designed by the self-proclaimed "cybertects" architectural firm James Law and will cost an estimated €600 million to construct. The "iPad" is scheduled to be ready for its first tenants in 2009 -- quite a long time to go in the short-lived world of technology trends.


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