World Cup City Guide Dortmund

Apart from hosting six World Cup matches, this city famous for its beer is home to what may be the country's most distinctive stadium.


Oktoberfest Westphalian-style

"A Time to Make Friends": The special regional football exhibition at the Zollern II/IV coal mine (June 3 to July 9) aims to prove that Dortmund and its environs have always lived and breathed this motto. Meanwhile, the "WM-ShowFenster" (World Cup Showcase), which focuses on tournaments and participating countries playing here from 1930, appears at the World Cup boulevard Hohe Strasse (June 6 to July 20). The bridge-building potential of the world's most popular sporting discipline - particularly among children and teenagers - is the theme of the photography exhibition "Fußball verbindet" (Football Unites) at the Sonnenenergieforum in the Westfalenpark (May 18 to July 13). The Westfalenhallen event center serves as a central hub for Dortmund's World Cup euphoria. The matches are shown here on big screens, a Westphalian version of the Oktoberfest is scheduled, and the African World Cup countries give performances (June 9 to July 9 respectively). Also staged here is the play Ronaldo und Julia (Ronaldo and Juliet), the story of a love affair between two fans of the opposing Schalke and Dortmund teams (June 8 to 18). The Red Hot Chili Peppers perform (June 11/12) and the soccer robots crown their own world champion at the Fira RoboWorld Cup (June 29 to July 3). In addition, Dortmund is the venue for another tournament: the Subbuteo FISTF World Cup. Foosball players from 15 countries flick for the title in the "Deutsche Arbeitsschutzausstellung" (DASA) exhibition hall (June 17 to 18). "WM-Total" (World Cup Total Immersion) is the uncompromising motto at the Dietrich-Keuning-Haus concert hall and exhibition center, as it presents a cultural program that varies daily (June 8 to July 9). The same applies to the "Fan Fest" on Friedensplatz square: Alongside live transmissions of the World Cup matches, spectacular top acts such as the pop group Juli (June 8) are sure to get the city rocking at a month-long summer party. In addition, an ecumenical church service and Christian culture festival (July 2) includes an international dance and music program, followed by a colorful musical parade (July 6). The Westfalenpark World Cup Lounge offers visitors a place to chill out between events (June 9 to July 4).



Steigerstrasse 20, Phone 0231/84 00 0

In the 1960s Dortmund was the world's second largest beer producer, right behind Milwaukee. A tour of the brewery is an eye-opening, mouth-watering experience.


Friedrich-Henkel-Weg 1-25

Phone 0231 / 90 71 24 79

The German Occupational Safety and Health Exhibition is a hands-on educational experience presenting the world of work and labor's role in society.



Kleine Beurhausstrasse 26, Phone 0231/14 13 00

The uncomplicated cuisine of this trendy favorite is just as cheery as the green, red and yellow paint on the walls.



Humboldtstrasse 4, Phone 0231/14 83 75

Mexican-style pub that's always packed. The best bar in the Ruhr region offers more than 100 cocktails and long drinks; in the summer there's a beer garden.


Landwehrstrasse 17, Phone 0231/728 25 78

Yesterday a harbor dive, today a trendy bar and club lounge with a chill-out atmosphere. The small kitchen serves Mediterranean delights.




The Ruhr region's most attractive place to stroll and shop traces a historic European military and trade route.


Between Westenhellweg and Kampstrasse

Neo-Renaissance and Art Nouveau shape the look of this exclusive shopping arcade. Built in 1912, it was destroyed in World War II and then painstakingly rebuilt.



Bunsen-Kirchhoff-Strasse 9,

Phone 0231/95 25 69 80

A football paradise. "Five-a-side" played on seven indoor and two beach pitches. Postgame, it's off to the sports bar with its super screen and array of XXL flat screens.

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