Nature Conservation Quiz Where Species Are Going Extinct

Many of Earth's flora and fauna are threatened with extinction. That much you already know. But do you also know where our forests are disappearing and which countries are trying to save them? Find out more by taking our quiz.


Foto: imago/ Westend61

The wood we use to build our homes, the honey produced by bees, the willow trees that provide us with the source of aspirin -- these are just a few examples of how we rely on our planet's flora and fauna. But we are destroying their habitats. Forests are being decimated to make way for dam projects or farmland, forcing the animals living there to retreat to ever smaller areas.

At the same time, people are only exploiting a fraction of nature's potential. Of the 80,000 species of trees that have been identified, only 800 have been studied for their potential benefits to humans. Many are likely to become extinct before we get the chance to research them thoroughly.

There is, however, some good news. Deforestation around the world is slowing and the international community has set the goal of preserving biodiversity, as detailed in the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which have been explored in-depth in SPIEGEL ONLINE's Expedition BeyondTomorrow special.

Discover the world of biodiversity through our quiz. Where are plants and animals most threatened? And which countries are doing the most to preserve species diversity? With each answer, you will be provided with additional information on the globe. Click on "Let's Get Started".

Concept: Philipp Seibt; Programming: Lorenz Matzat, Christopher Pietsch