Interactive Globe How Dangerous Is the World We Live In?

War, slavery, crime: In many countries of the world, people are threatened with violence. With our interactive globe, you can find out where the situation is particularly dangerous.

By the year 2030, the world is to be a peaceful place, at least according to one of the sustainability goals set out by the United Nations. The SPIEGEL ONLINE project Expedition BeyondTomorrow is taking a closer look at one UN goal each month on the search for answers. How sustainable is our world? And how can the UN goals be fulfilled?

Our interactive globe shows where people in the world live mostly in peace and where their lives are in danger as a result of war or crime.

A key indicator is provided by the Global Peace Index produced by the Institute for Economics and Peace, an Australian non-profit organization. Twenty-three indicators for each country are calculated, with the result showing the level of violence present in each country.

The best value possible is one, the worst is five. On our globe, countries are shaded accordingly: the darker the shade of red, the worse the situation is. In the upper right on the globe, you can choose among different views.

In addition, you can test your knowledge of global conflicts with our quiz. With each answer, the globe displays further information. Click on Let's Get Started!

Concept: Anna Behrend

Programming: Lorenz Matzat, Christopher Pietsch

This application is a part of the Expedition #BeyondTomorrow project, which takes a closer look at the issue of sustainability in a series of articles, graphics and interactive apps over the course of 10 months. Please also have a look at our most recent multimedia feature looking at Ukraine's war on graft.


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