Vigilance and Glühwein: Christmas Markets Offer Defiant Cheer in Face of Terror Threat

Vigilance and Glühwein: Christmas Markets Offer Defiant Cheer in Face of Terror Threat

SPIEGEL ONLINE - November 25, 2010

Germany is currently threatened with terror, government officials warn. But visitors to the thousands of Christmas markets that opened across the country this week are defying those fears with greater vigilance and piping hot mugs of Glühwein. more... Comment ]

Tanked Up for Father's Day: Tanks Instead of Beer for German Dads?

SPIEGEL ONLINE - May 14, 2009

When Father's Day comes around next Thursday, men across Germany will mark their special day by downing beer and schnapps. But every year there are new ideas to replace the traditional binge. This year's suggestion? Tank-driving lessons. more...

What's-In-A-Name? German Naming Laws Remain Byzantine

SPIEGEL ONLINE - May 05, 2009

The constitutional court in Germany on Tuesday ruled to uphold a ban on hyphenated last names of three names or longer. Given the frequency of names such as Godelieve Quisthoudt-Rowohl, many had expected a different result. more...

Last Orders? Tough Times for the Humble Beer Mat

SPIEGEL ONLINE - April 24, 2009

Small, beer-soaked and bedecked with all manner of slogans, the humble beer coaster has long been an essential part of a good pub or bar. But with its leading manufacturer now bankrupt, the cardboard institution may be heading for extinction. more...

Frohe Weihnachten: A Visit to Germany's Christmas Markets

SPIEGEL ONLINE - December 07, 2006

Germany's Christmas markets are famous the world over. And it's that time of year again. The mulled wine is brewing, the lights are up, and Germans are spending their evenings strolling through their very own winter wonderland. Here's SPIEGEL ONLINE's guide to some of the best Christmas markets in Germany ... and a few of the worst. more...

Germany Is Born: The Miracle of Bern

SPIEGEL ONLINE - June 07, 2006

Every nation has a founding legend. For modern Germany it is the 3-2 victory over Hungary in the 1954 World Cup. After World War II, the championship became a sign of being accepted by the world again. more...

Franz Ferdinand Guitarist Nick McCarthy: Drink with the Germans!

SPIEGEL ONLINE - June 06, 2006

Franz Ferdinand are, by any estimation, one of the world's biggest bands right now. Guitarist Nick McCarthy grew up in Bavaria and offers the Germany Survival Bible a few pearls of wisdom about his countrymen. more...

Scoring a German: Flirting with Fräuleins, Hunting for Herren

SPIEGEL ONLINE - June 05, 2006

Interested in bagging a German? It's not quite as easy as you might hope. Flirting here is different and much more subtle. And it's taken very seriously. more...

Comedian Gayle Tufts on Life in Germany: "No. No. No. OK"

SPIEGEL ONLINE - June 02, 2006

American-born comedian Gayle Tufts has taken the German comedy scene by storm. She now shares her best tips for foreign visitors with the Germany Survival Bible including: "Take your clothes off." more...

Vaccine-Phobia: Get Wild at a Measles Party

SPIEGEL ONLINE - June 01, 2006

Imagine being invited to a party where the sole purpose is to infect your child with measles. It's actually not all that uncommon in Germany. But then, many in the country are afraid of vaccines. more...