Europe at a Crossroads: 'The Pacifist Streak in German Politics Is a Problem'

Europe at a Crossroads: 'The Pacifist Streak in German Politics Is a Problem'

SPIEGEL ONLINE - February 17, 2017

The future of NATO and trans-Atlantic relations will be at the top of the agenda at the Munich Security Conference, which begins on Friday. British political scientist Anthony Glees says that Germany must become a "muscular democracy" and take the lead in Europe. Interview Conducted by Markus Becker more... Comment ]

Family Affair: The Klitschko Brothers' Most Important Fight

Family Affair: The Klitschko Brothers' Most Important Fight

SPIEGEL ONLINE - February 20, 2014

He made his name in the boxing ring, but now Vitali Klitschko finds himself in the middle of the most important fight of his life -- in the political arena. As he has risen to become the face of the Ukrainian uprising, his brother Vladimir has never been far from his side. By Marc Hujer more... Comment ]

The Afghanistan Mission: ISAF Chief Calls for New German Strategy

The Afghanistan Mission: ISAF Chief Calls for New German Strategy

SPIEGEL ONLINE - January 20, 2010

Gen. Stanley McChrystal, commander of all foreign troops in Afghanistan, wants to see more engagement and a greater willingness to take risks from NATO states fighting in the country. He would also like to see German soldiers establish better contact with locals. By Matthias Gebauer more...

Munich Security Conference Chief: A World Without Nuclear Weapons Is Not a 'Crazy Goal'

SPIEGEL ONLINE - July 07, 2009

Nuclear disarmament is one of the main issues Barack Obama is addressing during his visit to Russia this week. In a SPIEGEL ONLINE interview, Munich Security Conference head Wolfgang Ischinger argues that the dream of a nuclear arms-free world need not remain an illusion. more...

Opinion: Obama Means Blood, Sweat and Tears for Germany

SPIEGEL ONLINE - February 09, 2009

German enthusiasm for the new US administration could soon fade. The Americans made it very clear at the Munich Security Conference that they expect solidarity from their European allies -- and that means blood, sweat and tears. By Claus Christian Malzahn more...

Biden at the Munich Security Conference: Obama Sends Vice President to Build Bridges

SPIEGEL ONLINE - February 06, 2009

US Vice President Joe Biden is the star guest at the Munich Security Conference this weekend. His speech on Saturday is supposed to form the basis of the new trans-Atlantic partnership. Instead of concrete pledges, experts await a bid to mend ties between Europe and the US. By Gregor Peter Schmitz in Washington more...

Call for Global Unity on Security: Germany to Station Troops in France for First Time Since WWII

SPIEGEL ONLINE - February 04, 2009

Germany will station troops in France as part their joint crisis reaction force, Angela Merkel and Nicholas Sarkozy have said. In a joint opinion piece published ahead of the Munich Security Conference on Friday, the two leaders call for greater European and world cooperation on security. more...

German Foreign Minister to Meet Clinton: Steinmeier Calls For 'New Trans-Atlantic Agenda'

SPIEGEL ONLINE - February 03, 2009

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier plans to push for a "new trans-Atlantic agenda" during a meeting Tuesday with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. As part of a new start for US-German relations, Steinmeier is looking for progress on disarmament. more...

Munich Security Conference: Searching for a New World Order

SPIEGEL ONLINE - January 30, 2009

The closely watched Munich security conference, which starts next week, has become a large-scale summit for world leaders. This year the US is sending a high-ranking delegation, led by Vice President Joe Biden, which may seek informal dialogue with Iran on the event's sidelines. By Gerhard Spörl more...

SPIEGEL Interview with Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg: "We Are a Sovereign Country"

SPIEGEL ONLINE - February 19, 2007

Russian President Vladimir Putin raised eyebrows with his aggressive speech at the Munich Security Conference. SPIEGEL spoke to Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg about the alleged arms race, the missile defense shield, and how the new Russia is like the old Soviet Union. more...