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A trash can as a basketball hoop, a free ride bench for senior citizens: Over 200 proposals to improve life in our cities have been submitted for the Orange Social Design Award -- and 10 of them have made the shortlist. SPIEGEL ONLINE readers can now vote for their favorite idea.


Hitchhiking is one of the oldest ideas of the sharing economy, yet most elderly individuals don't feel entirely comfortable standing on a street corner with their thumb in the air. Still, with so many senior citizens living in homes that are somewhat off the beaten track -- and not serviced by today's inadequate public transportation systems -- there are hardly any other affordable alternatives for traveling downtown.

Now, help is on the way with the "hitchhiking bench" for seniors. It's located in front of retirement homes, painted bright blue, and anyone who takes a seat here is instantly sending out the message that they would like to be given a lift by a friendly motorist. This idea was submitted for consideration for KulturSPIEGEL and SPIEGEL ONLINE's Orange Social Design Award -- and it's just one of over 200 entries that came from all across Germany, but also from the United States, India, Brazil and Hong Kong.

A jury has now selected 10 submissions for the shortlist, but it's not just up to the jury to decide which design should win.

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Photo Gallery: The Shortlist for the Orange Social Design Award
After studying the photo gallery above, SPIEGEL ONLINE readers can vote here for their favorite to win the audience prize. After placing a check mark after the entry you would like to see win, please press the "Abstimmen/Ergebnis" (Vote/Results) button at the bottom in order to submit your choice and view the results. (We apologize for the German navigation, but we were unable to reprogram our voting function in time for the contest. We feel the benefit of being able to cast your vote will outweigh any linguistic inconvenience.)

Voting will continue until Oct. 19. The winner will be announced on SPIEGEL ONLINE and in KulturSPIEGEL, DER SPIEGEL's monthly cultural supplement, on Oct. 27.

Some readers may already be familiar with some of the entries on the shortlist, like the Prinzessinnengärten urban gardening project in Berlin and the public design consulting project in Hamburg. But there were also ideas from further afield, including a proposal from India for mobile quick-assembly huts, and a complex project from the US aimed at identifying vacant lots for community projects. Of course, some simple ideas also made the shortlist: a small basketball court painted on the sidewalk in front of a public trash can, making urban cleanliness a game -- or a game of chance, depending on the players' level of skill.


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b920376 10/10/2014
1. Orange Design Award disappointment
I am really disappointed with your short list for the Orange Design Award:- A hitch-hiking bench for old people is ridiculous: how many old people would want to get lifts with strangers in a city? People are in old-people's homes because they can't look after themselves; they are not going to go hitch-hiking around the city on their own. A basketball symbol in front of a rubbish bin is also ridiculous: it encourages people to throw rubbish from a distance. What about all the rubbish that misses the bin? Alcoholics will throw their glass beer bottles at it. How many of those will go in?!! Are these really the best ideas out of more than 200 entries for improving the world's cities?!
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