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With the launch of SPIEGEL INTERNATIONAL, SPIEGEL ONLINE brings you the best of Europe's leading newsmagazine and its award-winning Web site. We encourage you to read, comment and share your thoughts.

For decades, English speakers haven't had access to Europe's leading newsmagazine. DER SPIEGEL and the award-winning Web site SPIEGEL ONLINE, with their second-to-none news coverage, rich story mix and clear, sharp European view, were obscured by an unbreachable language barrier.

Until now.

With the launch of our international site, SPIEGEL finally brings its unique voice to English readers. We offer a selection of original daily features, news, exclusive SPIEGEL stories and an overview of what German newspapers and commentators are writing.

You can read us quickly and we're updated throughout the day. Get a new perspective on important stories in Under the Scope, find out what Europe is talking about in the Buzz Blog, peruse a story from DER SPIEGEL magazine in the SPIEGEL View and monitor what German papers are saying in Fishwrap and discover the world beyond SPIEGEL in Must Reads.

But the best way to read SPIEGEL INTERNATIONAL is through our e-mail newsletter, delivered to your in-box every weekday at 9 a.m. EST (New York) and 3 p.m. CET (Berlin).

We hope you will have as much fun reading the site as we have putting it together. Our goal is to make it a flexible space that will be both event and reader-driven. We encourage you to read, comment, and share your thoughts. We'll start the conversation, but need your help to keep it going. Happy reading.

- The Editors


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