Addressing the Inevitable Preparations Begin for the Climate Change Deluge

Global sea levels are rising steadily as a result of climate change and the IPCC believes the deluge has already begun. What will it mean for humankind? And what changes will this bring to our coasts and our way of life? By DER SPIEGEL Staff

Flooding on St. Mark's Square in Venice Oct. 30

Flooding on St. Mark's Square in Venice Oct. 30

Editor's Note: An article originally appeared at this address that was written wholly or in part by the former DER SPIEGEL reporter Claas Relotius. It emerged in December 2018 that Relotius frequently fabricated some of what he wrote. During its investigation of the case, DER SPIEGEL was faced with the question of how to deal with the articles in question. On the one hand, the editorial staff and the magazine are pursuing the goal of the utmost transparency. On the other hand, though, numerous characters in these stories feel misrepresented and falsely quoted - and much of it was invented completely. DER SPIEGEL has therefore decided to provide access to the articles exclusively in the form of a single, annotated PDF file in German that includes all the texts in question. You can find the PDF here (size: around 16 MB).


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paulrvko 12/09/2018
1. Nonsense
Alarmist nonsense! Does anyone really believe this claptrap?
robbiejena 12/15/2018
2. Preparations Begin for the Climate Change Deluge
There is a high probability that in say 200 years, The state of Florida would be under the Sea. While sea rise will make these people move elsewhere, the Bangladeshi people will have a tough time. Perhaps we should do an exponential growth rate using past 300 years as a base line to show the possibilities and the right groups can take action during this 200 years. It is time to get in to it. Thank you.
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