Photo Gallery: Bombing Doctors and Clinics

Photo Gallery: Bombing Doctors and Clinics

Foto: AP/dpa

War on Doctors The Deadly Business of War-Zone Medical Care

With governments bombing hospitals and militias attacking medical staff, the work of Doctors without Borders is in jeopardy. Rules to protect aid workers in war zones are increasingly being ignored.
Katrin Kuntz, born in 1982, has worked as a journalist at SPIEGEL since 2012. She reports for the Foreign Desk from crisis zones around the world. She spent a lot of time contemplating where to travel to conduct research for her story on Doctors Without Borders. The organization's staff have been attacked in many countries. She ultimately chose to embed herself with a Doctors Without Borders team in the Central African Republic, where she slept in the bush and kept a walkie-talkie next to her pillow.