Narcissist and Agitator Donald Trump Is One of the Greatest Threats of Our Time

During his campaign, Donald Trump has repeatedly flirted with violence. Crude political notions aside, he lacks the character to become president of the United States and represents a true danger to the entire world.

A truck promoting Donald Trump in Scranton, Pennsylvania

A truck promoting Donald Trump in Scranton, Pennsylvania

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With around 90 days left until the presidential election in the United States, there can no longer be any doubt that Donald Trump is a liar, narcissist and agitator. As president, he would be a danger for the entire world.

A liar because his entire campaign is based on selling his followers a concoction of falsehoods, conspiracy and utter nonsense. On Wednesday, he had this to say about President Obama: "He's the founder of ISIS. He's the founder of ISIS. He's the founder. He founded ISIS." Trump is betting on the fact that we live in a post-factual age in which it no longer matters whether or not something is true, but whether it is believed by the right people.

Trump is a narcissist whose bragging is unceasing ("I have the best words"), for whom other politicians' assessments of him only count if they like him ("Putin called me a genius") and who radicalizes himself through the applause of his most zealous supporters. The greater the cheering he gets with his obscenities, the more over-the-top he becomes. When it comes to Hillary Clinton, his followers have long shouted: "Hang the bitch" and "Kill the bitch."

Trump is an agitator who famously referred to Mexicans as rapists and said he wanted to refuse Muslims entry into the United States. Last week, he offhandedly suggested the possibility of an armed uprising or gun violence against Clinton. If Clinton is elected president and names a judge to the Supreme Court, Trump told his fans, "Nothing you can do, folks." But he promptly added: "Although the Second Amendment people -- maybe there is, I don't know."

Trump left open what that might be, but there can be little doubt about what he meant. Trump, who has repeatedly incited violence in the past, has now pushed the limits of what can be said even further. His crude political notions aside, this proves that Trump lacks the character necessary to be president. A man like him must never be given the nuclear launch codes.

Donald Trump is also well on his way toward losing the election. Since his verbal attacks against the Muslim Khan family, he has fallen way behind Clinton in the polls. Even in states like Georgia or Missouri, traditionally Republican strongholds, the Democratic nominee suddenly has a chance. Many moderate Republicans, particularly women, could not in good conscience vote for Trump. Indeed, a victory for Trump has become an unlikely outcome. And yet unlikely things are always happening in the world. November is still a long way away. Even so, it's not as if there's suddenly going to be a transformed, reasonable Trump who runs the kind of normal campaign that many Republicans had hoped for.

Even if Trump loses, his legacy will be horrible. He has blown the Republican Party to smithereens with his populism and now stands smugly in the ruins. The old, two-party system as we knew it will no longer exist after this election. The forces that Trump has raised, which brought him this far, aren't going anywhere. The fact that a liar, narcissist and agitator could make it this far is a harbinger of the battle to come for liberal forces -- and not only in the United States. Now democracy must be protected from rumors, hate and totalitarianism.

In nearly every Western country, there is a part of the population -- one that is usually poorly educated and economically disadvantaged -- that is interested in smashing the old system and replacing it with a darker new one. That's also why Donald Trump represents one of the gravest threats of our time.

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Common Sense tells us.... 08/16/2016
1. Best of a Bad Situation
Dear Mathieu von Rohr Lets look at the facts: First, under Barrack Obama the US national debt has exploded from $8 Trillion when he entered in 2008 to over $19 Trillion in 2016. Second, racial tensions in the US have become more violent that since the race riots of the 1960 (more than 40 years ago). Third, the Obama/Clinton foreign policy is basically non existent and Western Cultures are now more under treat from radicalized terrorists than ever before 2000. Because of the weak foreign policies from Obama and CLINTON as Secretary of State; the West's enemies are more aggressive than ever before. These are FACTS that can not be denied. The US has two bad choices to make in November of 2016, I give you no arguments there.......... but I think the choice of which one to choose as the better of the two is very, very clear. We have a corrupt Secretary of State that used her office as a cash cow to draw in huge amounts of cash from foreign donors to her supposed Clinton Foundation. FACT Hillary Clinton's "Russian Reset" policy has made things worse as far as US Russian relations. Hillary Clinton's initiatives on the Middle East have been the worse and have only given rise to ISIS, the refugee crisis, and the rise of all the world terrorists attacks because of the lack of engagement in a strong decisive foreign policy that protects western nations and values. Remember ISIS did not exist in 2008. FACT Lastly, the blatant lies of this women are historic from her defense of Bill Clinton in the 1990s where she personally lied and protected her husband and directed attacks on the victims of Bill Clinton's rape victims...FACT....Hillary's lies about the attacks on Benghazi with the infamous "it was all caused by an internet video" speech at the return of the bodies to the US. Hillary's refusal to acknowledge radicalized Islamic terrorists that were the direct causes of terrorists in the past 6 months on Western nations in Europe and the US. Hillary's lies and direct violation of US Security procedures that have endangered not only US lives but the lives of European nations as well. FACT SO, while I 100% agree with you that Donald Trump is a big mouth, egotistical, narcissist. Given a choice between Hillary Clinton a truly PROVEN liar, that is totally corrupt, has directly gotten people killed, personally destroyed others lives, and has put the world at risk though her lies, policies, and actions...........Choosing between the devil I know (Hillary Clinton) that can make matters MUCH MUCH worse and Donald Trump. I will take Donald Trump any day of the week and twice on Sunday. I implore you to take off the leftist glasses and look at the world of 2007 and compare it to the world of 2016 realistically and say to yourself "are we better off?" can't answer yes....its just that simple. Hillary Clinton is a worse more dangerous choice for the US and the world.
hayes_dc 08/16/2016
The person who wrote this article is what is wrong with the world today. A total idiot.
Vxx 08/16/2016
3. Change and Trump
The GOP had already divided into 3 distinct sections. Trump points out the issue of a two party system. The Dems have the same problems. Most American would rather have neither Clinton or Trump as we do not trust either. Because we have only two parties there is often a bad choice between two we do not like(trust) for many different reasons. Primaries in the Democratic side seem to have had a fix in. Trump won the Republican ones. Unfortunately there are no other truly viable parties. This election is vital because of the Supreme court. At least one other justice will retire soon. That means they will set the laws for years if not decades to come. Obama has made some horrid mistakes Ukraine & Syria are biggies. Immigration is a big issue too. If one does not understand the US system then there are issues with keeping terrorists and those sympathetic with the terrorists out. What Trump does is talk off the cuff without spin doctors(professional writers who specialize in twisting the truth). Many Americans are unhappy with both parties. However voting for a minor party candidate who is not on the ballot in many states is futile. Trump may have helped bring about a multi party system to the US. Many Americans would like a none of the above choice.
sp_beber 08/17/2016
Trump represents "True danger to the entire world"? Possibly.... So does Merkel.
ed_guttman 08/17/2016
5. Obama The Biggest Threat
So releasing terrorists from Gitmo, disregarding the nations laws and not securing our borders does not count as a threat to our country? Trump would be a God send after this clown.
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