Extra Payments for Survivors? Germany 'Willing to Discuss' New Holocaust Reparations with Israel

Germany has shown the first signs it is willing to talk to Israel about extra pension payments for Holocaust survivors. The original 1952 agreement is no longer sufficient to cover the costs of caring for survivors, says Israel's minister for pensioner affairs.

Paying for Death and Suffering

Compensation paid by the Federal Republic of Germany to victims of the Nazi regime € bn
Final Federal Compensation Law 44.54
Retrospective payments for hardship cases 2.78
Compensation for stolen property 2.02
Payments made to the state of Israel 1.53
Special funds of Germany's federal states for individual cases 1.53
Payments made to other countries 1.46
Miscellaneous payments 6.80
The "Remembrance, Responsibility and Future" Foundation (payments to former forced laborers) 2.56
TOTAL 63.22
Source: German Finance Ministry, 2005 figures
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