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Demonstrations continued late into the night in Hamburg on Thursday, even after police prematurely dispersed the "Welcome to Hell" march earlier in the evening. Rolling coverage of the G-20 summit will continue on Friday morning.
Police using water cannon in Hamburg on Thursday night.

Police using water cannon in Hamburg on Thursday night.

  • 7/6/20179:02:43 PM
    It promises to be a long night in Hamburg. But we are going to leave you now and will resume posting frequent updates on the G-20 summit again tomorrow morning. We look forward to welcoming you back to our live coverage then. Good night.
  • 7/6/20178:58:32 PM
    The meeting between Chancellor Merkel and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has come to an end. They met for an hour and discussed, according to a German government spokesperson, "the G-20 agenda, the EU-Turkey refugee agreement and controversial and cooperative elements of the current German-Turkish relationship." 
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  • 7/6/20177:32:17 PM
    "That was certainly not consistent with the law," Matthias Wisbar, from emergency legal services told SPIEGEL ONLINE reporter Heike Klovert in reference to the police operation against the "Welcome to Hell" demonstration in Hamburg. "According to numerous witness reports, the violence was not started by the demonstrators," he says. Wisbar says his service is receiving a huge number of calls from people who were injured or arrested. Emergency legal services has 100 lawyers on standby to assist demonstrators during the G-20 summit.
  • 7/6/20176:18:15 PM
    Hamburg police have begun using water cannon after paving stones were thrown at police and police vehicles.
  • 7/6/20175:19:14 PM
    Hamburg police requesting that demonstrators from the Black Block remove their masks before allowing the march to proceed. Also telling others to distance themselves from masked demonstrators.
    (Photo: Reuters)
  • 7/6/20174:52:48 PM
    Today's demonstration in the center of Hamburg will likely be the last. A Hamburg court has upheld the city's rejection of several additional demonstrations and events that had sought permits to march in the Hamburg city center on Friday. The ruling came after the globalization skeptics from Attac had challenged city officials' decision to not allow the protests.
  • 7/6/20174:30:23 PM
    Merkel receiving Trump at the Hotel Atlantic a few minutes ago -- both with their game faces on. 
    (Photo: AFP)
  • 7/6/20174:04:41 PM
    At a press conference marking her arrival at the G-20 summit in Hamburg, German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed optimism that a solution could be found on climate protection. The role of a host, she said, is to seek out compromises. She also stated she did not view herself to be a mediator between U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Merkel plans to meet with Trump for a pre-summit tete-a-tete this evening at Hamburg's Atlantic Hotel.
  • 7/6/20173:37:37 PM
    And just in case things do get out of hand this evening, the Hamburg police have parked this water cannon in front of the international press center.
  • 7/6/20173:34:59 PM
    For all you Hamburg experts out there, here is the route of the "Welcome to Hell" march.
    (Photo: Hamburg police)
  • 7/6/20172:45:51 PM
    "Welcome to Hell," the anti-G-20 protest that Hamburg police have been worrying about the most, has started. Police estimate that 400 demonstrators have already gathered at the starting point at Hamburg's Fischmarkt, a historical fish market, with crowds growing steadily. Protest organizers are complaining about the presence of two water cannons. The actual protest march through the city is expected to begin at 7 p.m., with the presence of as many as 10,000 members of the left-wing autonomous movement. Police believe up to 8,000 have the potential to get violent. For now, though, they are only expressing nausea. "G20 makes me want to puke," reads this sign. 
  • 7/6/20172:31:07 PM
    Hamburg is ready. Shops in Hamburg prepared for the coming demonstrations.
  • 7/6/20172:20:15 PM
    Air Force One as it landed in Hamburg. 
  • 7/6/20172:09:52 PM
    For Angela Merkel, dealing with President Trump will be a balancing act. In recent days, she has expressed sharp criticism of America's isolationist polices and its planned withdrawal from the Paris Agreement. Together with other European leaders, she wants to stand up to the president, and that's also what voters expect of her. At the same time, she also wants, if at all possible, to give Trump a chance so that he isn't isolated from the very beginning -- also because many G-20 members aren't interested in alienating the U.S. president. An analysis by SPIEGEL ONLINE Deputy Berlin Bureau Chief Philipp Wittrock is available online now.  
  • 7/6/20171:48:03 PM
    The organizers of Thursday's "Welcome to Hell" G-20 protest are accusing Hamburg police of attempting to criminalize the demonstration even before it had begun by claiming that weapons and weapon-like objects have been seized, SPIEGEL ONLINE reporter Nicolai Kwasniewski is reporting. Organizers say they want to make clear that anyone who plans to bring a G-20 summit to this city must assume there will be serious resistance. But organizers are also saying they "will not start street battles." "And if the police don't exploit advantage of every masked (protester) and a firecracker here and there to escalate the situation, then the protest will end peacefully." Then, organizers, say, the police will be able to say there were no serious disruptions. "Welcome to Hell" is slated to begin in 30 minutes.
    • Protesters prepare at Hamburg's left-wing cultural center Rote Flora for the "Welcome to Hell" march. (Photo: Getty Images)Protesters prepare at Hamburg's left-wing cultural center Rote Flora for the "Welcome to Hell" march. (Photo: Getty Images)
  • 7/6/201711:52:55 AM
    U.S. President Donald Trump may be getting a bit of popular support during his visit in Poland today. But this graphic from a recent Pew Research Center study shows that, as he heads to the G-20 summit in Hamburg, much of the rest of Europe is more skeptical
  • 7/6/201710:53:50 AM
    Usually crowded Hamburg streets are eerily empty as world leaders begin arriving in Hamburg ahead of the G-20 summit. In the background here is the city's spectacular new Elbphilharmonie concert hall. 
  • 7/6/201710:21:22 AM
    Andreas Blechschmidt of the leftist cultural center Rote Flora is accusing Hamburg authorities of conducting a "massive campaign" against protesters in the city. Blechschmidt was responsible for registering today's
    Andreas Blechschmidt of the leftist cultural center Rote Flora is accusing Hamburg authorities of conducting a "massive campaign" against protesters in the city. Blechschmidt was respondible for registering today's "Welcome to Hell" anti-G-20 protest, which is set to begin at Hamburg's Fischmarket at 4 p.m. 
    "The alliance I represent has been the subject of a massive and denunciatory stigmatization, with baseless and entirely fabricated scenarios of violence," Blechschmidt says. He says the administrative authority responsible issued permits for the protests without any conditions pertaining to public security and that no other protest group has been allowed in its permit to get closer to the congress center where the G-20 summit will be held than his. 
    Hamburg police are estimating that as many as 8,000 protesters -- from Germany and abroad -- may be prepared to resort to violence at today's demonstration. Organizers expect as many as 10,000 participants. 
  • 7/6/20179:36:00 AM
    The name pretty much says it all: "Welcome to Hell!" One of the largest anti-G-20 protests is scheduled to begin at 4 p.m. local time in Hamburg today. Police say they plan to take decisive action against far-left activists with the "Black Bloc" autonomist movement if the protests turn violent. Following a peaceful protest attended by 11,000 people on Wednesday night, police are bracing for Thursday's "Welcome to Hell" demo, Hamburg Police Chief Ralf Martin Meyer told public broadcaster ZDF on Thursday morning.
    "The largest Black Bloc of all time has been announced by the Rote Flora (a left-wing political center in Hamburg that has been the center of protests in the past), by the autonomists. And afterwards, things could get dicey afterwards. 'Welcome to Hell" doesn't sound like sit-ins or verbal protests, but like something more -- that's why we're skeptical whether tonight will remain peaceful," Meyer said. "The numbers are such that we are positioning ourselves well with strong forces -- and that will certainly become necessary in order to take decisive action if crimes are committed." Police say their primary concern is the security of summit participants, the people and peaceful protesters.
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    • A map of the key sites and protests at this week's Hamburg G-20 summit.A map of the key sites and protests at this week's Hamburg G-20 summit.
  • 7/6/20179:18:30 AM
    The protests taking place at the periphery of the G-20 summit in Hamburg this week will focus on global injustice and the exploitation of both workers and the environment. But how do we solve these global problems? A radical rethink is needed by politicians, companies and consumers alike. It's time to act, DER SPIEGEL argues in this week's cover story, which is also available in English
  • 7/6/20178:56:14 AM
    Germany's Federal Office of Criminal Investigation (BKA) posted on its Facebook page on Thursday that it has issued accreditations for 30,000 people who will have access to secured areas in Hamburg during the G-20 summit. The summit of the world's largest economies and the European Union officially begins on Friday. 
  • 7/6/20178:35:50 AM
    U.S. President Donald Trump arrived in Europe on Wednesday. He landed during the evening in Warsaw, where he is to meet today with Polish President Andrzej Duda. After that, he is to continue on to Germany, where he plans to meet with Chancellor Angela Merkel this evening at Hamburg's opulent Hotel Atlantic. 
    • Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump arrive in Warsaw on Air Force OneDonald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump arrive in Warsaw on Air Force One
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  • 7/6/20178:20:30 AM
    Good morning, we're now starting our SPIEGEL International G-20 newsblog and will be providing  rolling updates on the most important developments at the meeting of global leaders that will bring German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the hostess, together with U.S. President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, French President Emmanuel Macron, Chinese President Xi Jinping, British Prime Minister Theresa May and many other leaders. It is Trump's second visit to Europe since taking office as president and observers here fear he will seek to undercut a number of issues that have been championed by the G-20. Mass protests and diplomatic tensions are expected as the heads of the world's 20 most important economies exchange views in Germany's port city of Hamburg this week. You can check here for the latest developments. 
    • "War Begins Here!:" Protesters arrive at Hamburg's central train station for this week's anti-G-20 demonstrations."War Begins Here!:" Protesters arrive at Hamburg's central train station for this week's anti-G-20 demonstrations.
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