World Cup German Team Builds Beachside Retreat in Brazil

Unable to find a suitable location to set up shop in Brazil during the upcoming 2014 World Cup, the German football team has decided to simply build its own. The remote beachside camp will "help minimize strain" on players, the team manager says.

A digital rendering of the luxurious beachside retreat provided by the German Football Association.

A digital rendering of the luxurious beachside retreat provided by the German Football Association.

None of Brazil's hotels were satisfactory, so Germany's national football team is having its own facility built for the 2014 World Cup, German tabloid Bild reported on Friday.

The team's beachside "resort" will be located in the sleepy village of Santo André in the state of Bahia, population just around 1,000, the paper wrote. It's the first time in history that the German team has built its own World Cup facility from scratch, it added.

Coach Joachim "Jogi" Löw, his players and the team's staff will spend the tournament living in 13 houses, with a soccer playing field and press center about a kilometer away. An airfield just 15 kilometers off will facilitate travel to the match sites.

Bild reports that the construction site entrance already bears the colors of the German flag -- black, red and gold.

The location of "Camp Bahia" is "very remote," Bild added. Some 30 kilometers away from the Porto Seguro resort area, most travelers get there via an old ferry across the Joao de Tiba River.

"Bearing in mind the size of the country and the considerable distances between each tournament venue, it was important for us to minimize the strain of travelling to and from matches as much as possible," team manager Oliver Bierhoff said in a statement on the German Football Association's website. "Acclimatization and recovery will also play a major role at this World Cup, and our camp offers ideal conditions in these respects."

The 2014 World Cup takes place from June 12 to July 13. Germany kicks off the group stage of the tournament on June 16 against Portugal, followed by matches against Ghana and the United States several days later.


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birdy176 12/13/2013
1. Brazilian soccer village
One should hope that the abysmal history of that nation's construction practices is taken into account. A German flagpole on the site will not garantee liveable bunga!ows by June 2014. German style ingenuity will be needed. Those responsible for the debacle of the new and already old Schoenefeld airport should be considered unfit to be commissioned with building huts in the jungle.
titus_norberto 12/16/2013
2. All that Jazz for such a SHORT trip !
All that Jazz for such a SHORT trip !
Fussballchef 12/16/2013
3. The Boys from Brazil
I am imagining something like the compound from the film starring Gregory Peck... Though with a lot less sinister central character in Jogi Löw. Sufficiently remote, and accessible only by flying boat.
tee_richie 02/24/2014
4. German team camp
I have just got back from Brazil and have seen the German camp building in progress. That's what I call preparation!! I have a house 1km from Santo Andre and am very excited that the German team are so close. Im looking to rent my property to German media or anyone interested?
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