Home-Grown Militant Terrorists Claim German Jihadist Dead in Afghanistan

A German jihadist has been killed in fighting with US soldiers in Afghanistan, a major terrorist organization in the region is reporting. The man from Essen appears to have been killed only two months after entering into the war-torn country.
Von Yassin Musharbash
A screenshot of the IMU video with a picture of "Miqdaad" of Essen, who was allegedly killed.

A screenshot of the IMU video with a picture of "Miqdaad" of Essen, who was allegedly killed.

A propaganda video posted online by the terror group Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) this week indicates that another German extremist may have been killed while fighting against NATO troops in Afghanistan.

An IMU spokesman says in the eight-minute-long video that "a brother from Essen" lost his life on March 20 during a firefight with US soldiers near Kunduz, the northern Afghanistan base where the German army is stationed. The man was identified as Abdullah -- no last name was given -- and went by the nom du guerre "Miqdaad."

The jihadist allegedly arrived in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border area in November 2010 before completing training at a camp in January 2011. Afterwards, he is said to have traveled to northern Afghanistan; the IMU spokesman said it had been Abdullah's wish to attack German soldiers stationed in Kunduz. In a short recording made before his death, "Miqdaad" expressed his pleasure that he was being sent into battle against Germany's armed forces and NATO.

In the second part of the video, the spokesman -- Yassin C. of Bonn, who goes by the name "Abu Ibraheem" -- called on Afghans living in Germany to join the battle against "the occupiers." Just on Thursday, a German soldier was killed by an explosive device targeting the Bundeswehr.

Evidence of Veracity

It was not possible to immediately determine the authenticity of the video on Friday. However, the website where it was found, the manner in which it had been produced, the logos included on the video and the spokesperson shown in the video all seemed to point to its veracity.

If the news of the death of the young Essen man is confirmed, he would be added to a list of at least a half-dozen jihadists from Germany who have been killed in Afghanistan and Pakistan. One died while staging a suicide attack, two others were killed by US drones and at least four have been killed in combat with Pakistani or American soliders.

In recent years, a number of German jihadists -- often naturalized citizens or the offspring of immigrants to the country -- have made their way to Afghanistan or Waziristan, the mountainous border area on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, for training at militant camps or participation in enemy attacks on US and other NATO troops stationed in the region.

IMU originated as a militant group in Uzbekistan, but it moved its headquarters years ago to the Pakistani North Waziristan region. It is one of the largest militant groups in the area and cooperates with, among others, the Taliban and al-Qaida and also has several recruits from Germany. Recently, however, some German members, apparently disillusioned , have turned their back on IBU. The militant group, which is apparently lacking money, is having trouble providing sufficient training or weapons, former members have claimed.

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