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NATO Turns 70 Political Disputes Overshadow Alliance Anniversary

In recent years, NATO has been militarily successful, but it has also been a political problem child. Indeed, Emmanuel Macron has disparaged it as "brain dead" and Donald Trump once called it "obsolete." The alliance is clearly at a crossroads. Von Matthias Gebauer, Konstantin von Hammerstein, Peter Müller und Christoph Schult
29. November 2019, 18:34 Uhr

China's Oppression of the Uighurs 'The Equivalent of Cultural Genocide'

German anthropologist Adrian Zenz was instrumental in uncovering the extent of China's oppression of its Muslim Uighur minority. In an interview, he criticizes Western inaction and warns that China has already begun exporting its tools of oppression. Von Bernhard Zand
28. November 2019, 13:01 Uhr

'Has the World Forgotten Us?' Eyewitnesses on the Unrest in Iran

Poverty, hardship and a sense of hopelessness are driving protesters into the streets in Iran, where they have been met with brutality by the Revolutionary Guard. Witnesses describe the dramatic events unfolding in the country. Von Susanne Koelbl
28. November 2019, 12:41 Uhr

The Case of Sergei Magnitsky Questions Cloud Story Behind U.S. Sanctions

The story of Sergei Magnitsky has come to symbolize the brutal persecution of whistleblowers in Russia. Ten years after his death, inconsistencies in Magnitsky's story suggest he may not have been the hero many people -- and Western governments -- believed him to be. Von Benjamin Bidder
26. November 2019, 12:16 Uhr

Hong Kong on the 'Brink' City Edges Toward Precipice as Violence Escalates

With police firing on protestors and students undergoing weapons training, the situation has escalated dramatically in Hong Kong in recent days. The city is rapidly moving toward the precipice as the opposition's original goals fade into the background Von Georg Fahrion und Bernhard Zand
19. November 2019, 16:33 Uhr

Deathly Silence An Inside Look at Kashmir

Kashmir has been largely cut off from the outside world for months and the internet remains cut off. Residents share stories of state violence and terror. Von Laura Höflinger und Sunaina Kumar
15. November 2019, 12:43 Uhr

Nord Stream 2 The Cold War Returns to Germany

Shortly before its completion, the United States aims to torpedo the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project that would carry natural gas from Russia to Germany. Berlin is caught between the fronts in a global conflict over energy. Von Frank Dohmen, Alexander Jung und Roland Nelles
14. November 2019, 12:30 Uhr