The Great Energy Debate Is Nuclear Power the Solution to Climate Change?

Paul Dorfman and Staffan Qvist both want to save the climate. But one of them wants to rid the world of nuclear reactors while the other wants to build more of them. We brought them together for a debate.
Interview Conducted by Philip Bethge und Rafaela von Bredow
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Dorfman, left, is opposed to nuclear. Qvist, right, is for it.


Horst Friedrichs / DER SPIEGEL


A mothballed reactor in Stade: "One of the worst decisions for the environment and the climate that anyone has ever made."

Foto: Robert Grahn / / picture alliance / dpa
Icon: Spiegel

Solar power plant in Nevada: "Renewables and energy efficiency reduce emissions more and faster."

Foto: E+ / Getty Images

Dorfman und Qvist with DER SPIEGEL reporters Philip Bethge (left) and Rafaela von Bredow (right) at University College London: "This is fear-mongering."

Foto: Horst Friedrichs / DER SPIEGEL