Sunken Sub German WWII U-Boat Found Near Indonesia

The rusted remains of a Nazi-era submarine have been discovered off the coast of Java, Indonesia. Researchers are looking through the wreckage, which includes human bones and plates with Nazi insignia, for clues that could identify the ship.

AFP/ National Archaeology Centre

Researchers have apparently discovered the remains of a World War II-era German U-boat and the skeletons of its crew off the coast of Indonesia. Experts say it's an unprecedented find that could provide insight into how the war was fought in the South West Pacific theater.

The first inspection uncovered binoculars, batteries and dinner plates emblazoned with swastikas, according to an AFP report printed by the newspaper The Star on Thursday. There were also reportedly 17 human skeletons buried in the wreckage, and more bones may yet be discovered.

"This is the first time we have found a foreign submarine from the war in our waters," said Bambang Budi Utomo, head of the research team at the National Archeology Center that found the vessel off the coast of Java. "This is an extraordinary find that will certainly provide useful information about what took place in the Java Sea during World War II."

The researchers believe the wreck is that of the U-168, which German naval forces used to successfully sink several allied ships. The U-boat was eventually torpedoed by a Dutch submarine while en route to Australia. According to a report by German newspaper Die Welt, the Dutch vessel fired six torpedos from 900 meters, but only one of the explosives detonated. Twenty-three German sailors reportedly died in the attack, and the captain and 26 crew members survived.

The daily Süddeutsche Zeitung reports that the wreck could also be that of the U-183, which was sunk on April 23, 1945 in the Java Sea. That attack had only one surivor of 55 men on board. Both of the U-boats were part of Nazi Germany's "Monsoon Group," which attacked allied ships in the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea.

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High Hat 11/23/2013
I don't understand how they are entering a sunken submarine. Isn't this considered a war grave that is not supposed to be disturbed? That skull isn't an artifact, it's part of a German submariner who should be respected, not put on display!
spon-facebook-10000134204 11/25/2013
2. u boat
It is my greatest hope that this grave will remain untouched. The sailors need to RIP
RichardMorris 11/25/2013
3. u boat
I hope they take into consideration this is a grave site and should not be disturbed.
albert 12/04/2013
4. optional
Soldiers bones must return to german lands and military funeral has to be arranged there.
spon-facebook-10000007806 12/29/2013
High Hat 11/23/2013 Normally I would agree with you but if there are human remains in there they could match the remains up with the germans military medical records to discover who they were if only to give their families some colsure but as for putting it or anything else for that sub on display NO Leave this grave in peace!
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