Social Design Award 2016: Die Shortlist zum Publikumspreis

Foto: Art Spin Berlin

Short List for the Social Design Award We Want to Know What You Think!

With this year's Social Design Award, given out by SPIEGEL ONLINE and SPIEGEL WISSEN, we sought out inspiring ideas for improving our streets. The submissions have now been narrowed down to a short list of the 10 best entries -- and now it's time for SPIEGEL ONLINE readers to vote for the one that will take home the audience prize.
Foto: Art Spin Berlin
Foto: Das Kleine Parkraumwunder
Foto: Raumstation Kiel
Foto: HolzOMA
Foto: Walkable Street
Foto: Kiosk
Foto: Lennons Lehrlinge
Foto: Muhit
Foto: Mundraub-Team
Foto: The Silent Spot

Social Design Award: Die Gewinner von 2014 und 2015

Foto: Orange Social Design Award
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