Bloodbath in Augsburg Wild Boar Incursion Ends in Tragedy

A group of wild boar caused mayhem in the German city of Augsburg on Wednesday. Of the five animals who went marauding in the downtown area, one was shot, two drowned and a fourth was killed after being struck by a car.

An urban excursion ended in tragedy for a group of wild boar in the Bavarian city of Augsburg. Of the five boar who stumbled into the historic city center on Wednesday morning, only one returned to the forest alive.

The boar intrusion caused consternation in the city center and prompted a large-scale operation by the fire department and police. The city's official hunter was called out to deal with the porcine marauders.

One animal collided with a car on a main Augsburg street around 6 a.m. and died. The four other animals fell into a river and swam upstream. One boar injured itself and took cover in part of a weir. It could not be rescued and the city hunter was forced to shoot it. Two other animals also drowned in a weir and were recovered by fire department divers.

The lucky fifth porker was caught alive by the fire department and was released into a nearby forest outside the city. No humans were injured in the mayhem. According to press reports, the group consisted of a mother and four piglets thought to be around six months old.

Wild boar are becoming an increasing problem in Germany as more and more animals venture into urban areas in search of food. It was not clear how the Augsburg group had managed to get into the downtown area.

It is the second incident involving marauding animals in Augsburg in recent weeks. In February, police in the city spent hours chasing four zebras that had escaped from a circus.

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