Crazy for Cops Woman Dials Police Emergency Line for Love

A German woman looking for love dialled the emergency police line 13 times saying she wanted to meet a policeman. And her wish came true -- two officers arrived to disable her phone.

It took 13 amorous calls for police to respond.

It took 13 amorous calls for police to respond.

A German woman who dialled a police emergency line 13 times saying she wanted to date a policeman got a less than romantic response when two officers arrived to confiscate the battery of her mobile phone.

"She said she had been without a partner for a long time and now had a concrete plan for her future which involved looking for a policeman with whom to spend the rest of her life," police in the western town of Schwelm said in a statement.

"She added that she would keep calling until she had found what she was looking for. And that she didn't care that she was blocking the emergency line."

When two officers knocked at her door, the inebriated woman apologized profusely for the trouble she had caused and promised to atone by bringing a cake to the police station the next day.

"The officers weren't especially amused and temporarily confiscated the battery of the mobile phone she had been using to prevent a further blockage of the lines."

The calls stopped but the woman has yet to bring the promised cake, a spokesman said on Tuesday.



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