Cross-Species Friendship Herd of Cows Adopts Young Wild Boar in France

In a touching example of the lion lying down with the lamb, a young wild boar has been adopted by a herd of cows in France.

Normally when one thinks of wild boar in Brittany, it is in the shape of a steaming meal on the platter of comic book heroes Asterix and Obelix. However a modern-day boar in the north-western French region where the Asterix comics are set has avoided the plight of his forebears -- and even befriended a herd of cows.

For the past week, the young wild boar, who has been christened "Clovis," has been co-existing peacefully with a herd of cows in a field in the Breton district of Lohuec.

He appears to have been adopted by the herd, and lies happily down in the grass next to his bovine chums. Local farmer Richard Crassin has even been feeding Clovis along with the herd.

Such unlikely friendships are not that uncommon in the animal world, where individuals from different species occasionally overcome their instinctive animosity to become chums. For example, a young hippo in Kenya became pals with a giant tortoise after the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

However few friendships are as odd as that between the German swan Petra and her chosen companion -- she fell in love with a swan-shaped pedalo and has been inseparable ever since.



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