Cool Runnings Sledders In Naked Dash for Glory

It's no secret that many Germans are big into nudism. Some even like to wander naked through the forests on a summer's day. Even the threat of frostbite doesn't deter the diehards. Twenty-five men and women took part in a naked sledding race on Saturday wearing next to nothing.

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Wearing nothing but helmets, underpants and boots, 13 men and 12 women braved the cold on Saturday to take part in a nude snow-sledding race in the eastern German resort of Altenberg in the Ore Mountains.

Local radio station RSA, which organized the spectacle, said some 5,000 people came to watch it. Twice that many had been expected, but heavy snow and freezing temperatures kept people away.

"Despite the snow chaos, almost 5,000 visitors came to cheer on snow bunnies, nudism lovers and sledding fans," RSA said in a statement.

But the inclement weather didn't put off the contestants. Neither did the unfeasibly small size of the blue plastic sleds, which forced them to make a lot of bare body contact with the snow as they hurtled down the slope to glory.

Singer and former model Nico Schwanz, who starred in the German version of the reality TV show "I'm a Celebrity -- Get Me Out of Here," won the men's event and donated the prize money of €1,000 ($1,321) to charity. He also gets to call himself "Nacktrodelmeister" -- which means "Naked Sledding Champion."

Annett Schnädelbach from Radebeul near Dresden won the women's event. Despite the smaller-than-expected audience, the station says it will probably repeat the competition next year.

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