Berlin Blunder Google Maps Brings Back 'Adolf Hitler Square'

Online mapping service Google Maps temporarily mislabeled a square in central Berlin with its former Nazi-era name: Adolf Hitler Square. Google couldn't explain the error when contacted by reporters but said they were looking into the matter.

This Google Maps screenshot from Jan. 9 identifies Theodor-Heuss-Platz with its former name: Adolf-Hitler-Platz.
DPA/ Google Maps

This Google Maps screenshot from Jan. 9 identifies Theodor-Heuss-Platz with its former name: Adolf-Hitler-Platz.

Anyone using Google Maps on Thursday evening could have been treated to an unfortunate trip down memory lane. The popular online mapping service mislabeled Theodor-Heuss-Platz, in the western Charlottenburg district of Berlin, with the name it held from 1933 to 1945: Adolf-Hitler-Platz.

Google couldn't explain the error when approached by German mass-circulation daily B.Z., which first reported the story, but a Google representative said they were looking into the matter. The square had been returned to its current name by 9 p.m. on Thursday night.

The square was originally called Reichskanzlerplatz when it was constructed in the early 1900s. In April of 1933 it was renamed Adolf-Hitler-Platz, which it retained until the Nazis were defeated in World War II. The square's name returned to Reichskanzlerplatz from 1947 to 1963, when it was given the name of the first federal president of Germany, Theodor Heuss.



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consum 01/11/2014
1. German Names for Polish Cities in Mac Os 10.9.(Maverick)
look at the new "Karten" app in Mac Os 10.9. (German) there you see f.E. parts of Poland named as "Westpommern" and all the Old German Nazi Names for the polish cities. - Ey whats that ?
zemelb 01/11/2014
smooooth google haha
matscg 01/12/2014
I always knew that Google is the NSA's source. But now we see NSA looking into the past. Only they didn't handle the timeline properly. They learn fast. -- What did I say? Ask NSA !
sneeekysteve 01/12/2014
4. how did this happen?
This article left me laughing. I cant imagine how this could happen accidentally. It must be someone's idea of a joke to insert Hitlerplatz on a modern day map of Berlin. Non Germans don't understand the feigned shock and horror in Germany whenever the subject of Hitler and the Nazis comes up. A sociologist might say that it is a national form of over compensation or national mea culpa to atone for the past. For God sakes, it was 68 years ago. When is this going to stop? This type of incident shouldn't even be in the news.
broremann 01/15/2014
5. regarding place names.
Adolf Hitler is an historical figure, if not a likeable one - few historical figures are- and his name and his dreadful regime cannot be erased
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